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Information about Manchester photo plan

Published on November 25, 2016

Author: JamesBurns67


1. Manchester Photo plan James Burns

2. Shoot Plan  Location – Manchester  Types of shots – Wide shots, close ups, long shots, mid-shots.  Equipment needed – DSLR camera, Tri pod, Lenses  Lighting – Artificial, Natural.  Reasons for choice – Students visiting Manchester taking pictures externally and internally. The city has good history.  If it’s raining we will take internal shots  Health and Safety considerations – Traffic, Don’t get camera wet, stay with the group.  Files will be saved with an SD card

3. Aim of Shoot  Our “Aim of Shoot” is to produce a range of photographs to be used as part of a “Guide to a city” for students moving to the area. The Images will be used in a pull out full color guide and on their website.

4. Possible Locations  Arndale - This is good because it’s big and plenty of photo opportunities  Piccadilly Gardens – This is good area for taking pictures as it’s a large space and lots to do  Piccadilly Train Station – This will be good, because there will be chances to take pictures of trains and commuters  Affleck's Palace – Affleck's Palace is a good place to take pictures as there’s shops and well lit  Spinningfields – Spinningfields is a good place to take pictures as there's a lot of space.  Northern Quarter – The Northern Quarter is good for taking pictures as there’s graffiti and other things to see.  Museum – The Museum will be good to take pictures as there’s a lot of history and artifacts about Manchester in there.  China Town – China Town will be a good place to take pictures as it’s well lit and lot’s to see.

5. Resources  The resources I need for the Trip to Manchester is:  DSLR Camera  Tri-Pod  Lenses  SD Card  Map

6. Andrew Brooks I Like Andrew Brook’s style as it’s outside and in the nature. I also like how the picture is very well lit and colorful. In my work I would like add style by taking photos outside and exposing light in pictures.

7. Peter Lik I Like Peter Lik style as it’s very colorful and the photos which are being taken are of nature. Also, the picture looks edited with extra color which adds effect to the image. I will add it to my style by editing it in Photoshop.

8. Martin Parr I like Martin Parr style of Photography as it’s very colorful and British. Also, I like how the picture is of nature and the image is very well lit. If I could adapt it to my style I would edit it in Photoshop.

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