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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: shafqalam


PowerPoint Presentation: MANAGEMENT PowerPoint Presentation: Presentation on: MOBILINK Presented to: Sir Farhan Sohail Presented by: Shehmeer Lakhani Shafaq Alam Sheraz Akhtar Talha Aftab Seema Shoukat PowerPoint Presentation: Case summary Mobilink intr0duction Mission statement, vision & organizational chart Mobilink’s values Pakistan telecom industry Industry & competitors Planning 0rganiszing Leading C0ntrolling Mobilink issues highlighted Future 0utl0ok Analysis Revised mission,vission statement Conclusions & recommendations 0verview PowerPoint Presentation: Mobilink is Pakistan’s leading cellular & blackberry service pr0vider. Mobilink established its operations in 1994 as the first GSM operator in Pakistan after obtaining the GSM license in 1992. Mobilink Introduction GSM operator in Pakistan : GSM operator in Pakistan In 2001, mobilink launched postpaid package, ‘Mobilink Star’. Despite increasing competition, Mobilink reached 10 million subscribers in 2005, maintaining its leading market position. It was the first prepaid package in Pakistan name JAZZ in 1998 . PowerPoint Presentation: Market Shares PowerPoint Presentation: Sales revenue MOBILINK total revenue =1080,000,000 PowerPoint Presentation: Customer base Mobilink total subscriber base is about 3.7 million PowerPoint Presentation:  Mobilink jazz Mobilink express Mobilink black berry Jazz ladies first Jazz jazba Mobilink product line ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Total Strength of Employees: Over All (Total 4500) Top Managers 75 Middle Managers 750 First Line Managers 3675 PowerPoint Presentation: Mobilink launched ‘Jazz Octane’ and ‘JAZZ Ladies First’, in 2006 to target different segment of the market. Octane is a youth package on Jazz to meet the needs of the dynamic and energetic urban youth of Pakistan, while ‘JAZZ Ladies First’ is Pakistan’s first exclusive offering for women.  In 2007 Mobilink marked another milestone, reaching 20 million subscribers and doubling its customer base in only 2 years.       PowerPoint Presentation: “ To be the unmatchable mobile system of communications in Pakistan this provides the best value to its customers, employees, business partners and shareholders .” Source : http :// Mission statem ent PowerPoint Presentation: “ T o be the leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering innovative Communication solutions make each day better for our customers while exceeding shareholder value & employees expectations”. Source: http :// Vision statement PowerPoint Presentation: Be Passionate: We at  Mobilink , are passionate about fulfilling & exceeding  customer needs  and enriching their lives everyday . Be Professional: We take pride in practicing the highest  ethical standards  and take responsibility for our actions. MOBILINK’S VALUES PowerPoint Presentation: Lead With Purpose: We are committed to lead the  market  through innovations in new services, products, as well as cutting edge technologies and solutions. Pakistan’s mobile subscriber companies chart : Pakistan’s mobile subscriber companies chart PowerPoint Presentation: PLANNING PowerPoint Presentation: Planning is the process of determining low the organization can get where it wants to g0 & what it will do to accomplish its objective. Planning is an essential part of the management process without which an organization will not be able to carry out its operations. Planning is the part of management concerned with creating procedures, rules and guidelines for achieving a stated objective. (KASIA) Planning Planning at mobIlink: Planning at mobIlink Revising of co-operate aims. List alternative ways to reach those objectives. Choose the best alternative method . Develop plans aiming to reach objectives. Put plans into action . PowerPoint Presentation: Organizing at mobilink Organizing: Organizing Organizing is the process of identifying & grouping the work to be performed. Defining & delegating the authority & establishing relationship for the purpose of analyzing the to accomplish the work in the most efficient way . PowerPoint Presentation: Following are the steps taken by managers: Keep all their plans & objective into considerations. List down all the majors task to be performed. Divide major task into sub task. Evocate resources for performing sub task. Evaluate the result. PowerPoint Presentation:  The more the individual manager supervisors, greater will be the span of management . Mobilink do provide job description to their candidates before hiring them, in which the tasks has t0 perform which are clearly listed. . Job descriptions: Span of management: Line authority & staff authority: Line authority & staff authority Line authority owns a right to take decisions & give orders. Staff authority p0sses the right to advise or assist those who have line authority as well as other staff personal . PowerPoint Presentation: Scope of decision PowerPoint Presentation: LEADING PowerPoint Presentation: Leading is the pr0cess in which the activity of the employees are guided in a pr0per direction. Leadership is the art of motivating group of people towards achieving a common objective. ( Peter Stimpson ) Leading at mobIlink PowerPoint Presentation: In mobilink, the members are pr0moted by: Yearly salary increases. Employer of the month. Car & medical allowances are given to motivate employees. Take considerations of suggestions, feedback of each employee in team for better outlo0k. Comfort & training. PowerPoint Presentation: mobilink controlling Controlling: Controlling Controlling is the last of the four functions of management. It involves establishing performance standards based on the company's objectives, and evaluating and reporting actual job performance. Once management has done both of these things, it should compare the two to determine any necessary corrective or preventive action. PowerPoint Presentation: It can be said planning & controlling goes “hand in hand “ There are three pr0cess 0f controlling. Measuring performance, Comparing measured t0 perform t0 standards, Taking corrective actions Controlling at mobIlink PowerPoint Presentation: In an organization human force plays the most important role in all management functions. Pr0per mechanism has been settled t0 evaluate the performance of the employment. President reports t0 be pattern company. Performance evaluation is been conducted every six months. RECOMENDATIONS: RECOMENDATIONS Should be focusing on increasing customer value. Give more opportunity to Employees enhancing their career. To upgrade compensation package for the Employees. Give Employees with more improvement . THANK YOU SO MUCH: THANK YOU SO MUCH From Group Members: Shehmeer Lakhani Shafaq Alam S heraz Akhtar Talha Aftab Seema Shoukat

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