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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: DEPR



Jim Wheeler, San Francisco Parks and Recreation

 Have you downloaded and printed a copy of your handouts (Sent in yesterday’s reminder update.)  Please sign in with: ◦ Your Agency Name and the number of people watching/attending the webinar from your agency today ◦ CEU Requests ◦ The name of the person who will be inputting answers into the webinar application  Note: This presentation contains some graphic images.

Risk management is part of everyone’s job.

We seem to be dealing with more accidents or “emergencies” than ever before. 3

CPRS DePR Make and Take Webinar Series March 2014 James C. Wheeler, Manager Aquatics and Leisure Services Divisions San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

 Define Risk Management  Cover Employer and Employee Responsibilities  Types of Emergencies and Critical Incidents  Emergency Preparedness  Ten Stages of Preparing for and Handling Emergencies or Incidents

What are some of the risks/emergencies you have had to deal with in your career?

 The identification, analysis, assessment, control, and avoidance, minimization, or elimination of unacceptable risks.  The process of analyzing exposure to risk and determining how to best handle such exposure.

 The strategies to manage risk typically include transferring risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect or probability of the risk, or even accepting some or all of the potential or actual consequences of a particular risk.

 Transfer (Waive or Insure)  Eliminate  Assume

 Must develop emergency response plans  Employees have to be trained to follow plans  Must understand requirements to develop effective and compliant emergency response plans (ERP’s)  Need to develop effective ways of implementation including employee education.

 Weather Related Disasters  Natural Disasters  Bomb Threats  Fire  Workplace Violence  Hazardous Material Spills and Incidents

Our agency has an Emergency Response Plan, a. Yes and it is up to date and staff are trained to implement the plan. b. We have a plan but it could use some updating and staff could be better trained to implement the plan. c. I’m not sure if we have a plan. d. Other (please explain in your chat box.) 13

 Types of emergencies  Layout of the facility  Available equipment  Medical emergency personnel  Chain of command  Emergency response plan rehearsal

 Coverage of rescue area  Clearing the facility  Primary rescuer  Calling EMS  Crowd control  Responsibilities after the emergency  Media Contact

 Sudden or unexpected appearance; an unforeseen occurrence; a sudden occasion.  Unforeseen occurrence or combination of circumstances which calls for immediate action or remedy; pressing necessity.

 Non-Life Threatening  Life Threatening

Please list some NON life-threatening emergencies that you might face during your park and recreation career. 18

 Develop simple no-hole steps for dealing with non-life threatening emergencies

 Location protocol, what stays in place and what goes to the office/1st Aid room  Treatment you provide and treatment you don’t provide  Documentation and reporting  Follow-up  Investigation if necessary Warning: The following slide contains graphic medical images.

 No Breathing  No Pulse  Seizure  Stroke  Broken Bones  Excessive Bleeding  Suspected Spinal  Loss of Consciousness  Heat Stroke  Shock  Diabetic  Anaphylaxis  24 X 72…

 Evaluate the possibilities  Define your objectives  Plan for action  Implement the plan  Review and revise when needed

 Develop safety plans for dealing with:  Earthquakes  Floods  Fires  Lightening  Have adequate equipment and supplies available to "Ride it Out"  Make safety plans accessible to everyone and easy to understand, maps, steps, etc.

 In addition to planning for natural disasters, also plan for people problems:  Angry customers  Bomb threats  Riots at large events  Terrorism  Shooters  Staff and patron safety is a priority

List some natural or man-made disasters you have encountered during your career in parks and recreation. 27

As we go through the slides please use your Make and Take ™ Activity Handout to develop your action items.

 What we do in anticipation of incidents.

 First Aid Kits  PPE  AED  Oxygen  Backboard and Blankets  Fire Extinguisher  Mechanical Room  MSDS

 Who is affected and what care do they need?

 Who we call to help depends on the situation.

 Protecting others and controlling crowds

 What we do to secure and protect our facility and our Property

 Notifying your Supervisor and/or the Director

 Reviewing the event, getting the facts straight, making sure everyone is okay.

 No talking to anyone unless directed.

 Fill out the right forms in a timely manner, these are potential legal records

 Depending on the incident people may need a lot of care and counseling

 Preparedness  Victims  EMS  By-standers  Facility  Notification  Staff Defusing  The Media  Reporting  Stress Debriefing

What will you do as a result of completing this webinar? 59

 International Speaker Alison Harle  Make and Take Personal Branding  Learn how to improve your image at work and in the community using creative techniques as well as the Parks Make Life Better! ® toolkit. Please complete the VERY brief survey before logging off. To begin, simply hit NEXT when it appears on your screen. Don’t forget to hit SUBMIT when you are done.

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