Managing Concerns About Falling

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Information about Managing Concerns About Falling

Published on August 3, 2008

Author: mprine


Session 5 : Session 5 Managing concerns about falling Goals : Goals To recognize which Matter of Balance exercises will help with balance To recognize misconceptions and unhelpful thoughts about falling To shift self-defeating thoughts and misconceptions to self-motivating ones. Use Personal Action Plan to implement changes Review from past session : Review from past session Risk factors for falling (low blood pressure, leg weakness & flexibility, balance) Exercises can improve risk factors Assertive behavior can result in positive results Matter of Balance Exercises: 1st set : Matter of Balance Exercises: 1st set Deep Breathing Good Morning Stretch Shoulder Rolls Diagonal Arm Press across Body Foot Circles Seated Knee Raises Diagonal Arm Press towards floor Diagonal Arm press towards ceiling Rowing Exercise Seated Leg Extensions Seated Knee Raises (not alternating Developing an exercise plan 1 : Developing an exercise plan 1 State Goal What do you want to accomplish? Balance Flexibility Strength Endurance Developing an exercise plan 2 : Developing an exercise plan 2 Action: How often, when and what? Daily 2 or 3 times a week walk With friends Developing an exercise plan 3 : Developing an exercise plan 3 Materials/Physical Assistance Needs Developing an exercise plan 4 : Developing an exercise plan 4 Possible Problems Developing an exercise plan 5 : Developing an exercise plan 5 Solutions Additional points : Additional points Fall prevention exercises provide opportunities for: Balance Flexibility Strength Coordination Conditioning Matter of Balance exercises do these things… Improve balance by: : Improve balance by: Stretch often Keep home well lit Focus on a far object when you walk Lean into forces (like strong winds Do the exercises daily, and be patient. But avoid these things : But avoid these things Standing up too quickly, especially with low blood pressure. Going out in the sunlight without sunglasses (remove them when you enter a building! Pushing yourself if you are tired. Matter of Balance Exercises 2(standing) : Matter of Balance Exercises 2(standing) Toe Stands (heel raises) Alternating Steps (march in place) 14. Side Stepping 15. The Box Step (Waltz) Standing Hip Extension Leg Lift to side Hip Circles Standing Foot Circles Heel Cord Stretch Role Playing Activity : Role Playing Activity 4 small groups of 3 or 4 Summary of role playing exercises : Summary of role playing exercises What negative thoughts were presented? Were these thoughts supported by personal experience or by something that happened to someone else? What positive thoughts were substituted for negative thoughts? Does anything get in the way of believing in these positive or helpful thoughts? Matter of Balance exercises 3(sitting) : Matter of Balance exercises 3(sitting) Wrist Rise and Fall Finger Spread Wrist Rotation Touch Elbows Stretch (front and back) Arm Chair Push Ear to Shoulder Look Left, look right Good morning stretch Giant Bear Hug Stretch Conclusion : Conclusion Matter of balance exercises can help improve fall risk Positive thoughts open doors for new opportunities A Personal Action Planner will cement changes. Next week: No Fall-Ty Habits : Next week: No Fall-Ty Habits Take the online quiz!

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