Managing and Forecasting Cash Flow

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Information about Managing and Forecasting Cash Flow

Published on January 4, 2016

Author: P2Binvestor


1. 1 Managing and Forecasting Cash Flow The most important financial tool CEOs should use and understand.

2. What’s so great about a cash-flow forecast? Cash is more important than your rev and monthly financials Your BOD will spend WAY more time on your cash-flow forecast than financials It’s a tool that helps you make faster and better decisions The answer is surprisingly easy when you don’t have the money Use for short-term and long-term planning Most fundraising rounds are predicated on cash burn 2

3. Start with a short-term cash forecast 13-week rolling forecast Used for operations KEEP IT SIMPLE Start with where you are currently Precise but not to the penny Use logical categories 3

4. 4 Cash flow is about money in and money out

5. Fundraising is predicated on long-term cash forecasts 12-18-month rolling forecast Used for fundraising and strategic planning Usually based on hiring plans and revenue projections Start with where you are currently Less detailed and precise Use logical categories 5

6. Cash is hard to predict at every stage of growth Early-stage companies: Why you’re forecasting cash; what investors need to know; numbers you need to have ready, and do you need a CFO now? Early-revenue companies: MVP in market, non-predictable revenue, expenses easy to accumulate Growth stage companies: Predictable revenue, but lots of other challenges to manage 6

7. Cash flow financing helps, especially when bootstrapping Receivables financing: Smooth cash flow from lumpy payers Purchase order financing: Help with those big orders Inventory financing: Leverage your assets Revenue-based financing: Lump sum based on trailing revenue Merchant cash financing: Credit card payment advances Asset-backed lines of credit: Working capital based on company assets 7

8. Different industries have unique cash flow challenges Manufacturing/distribution: Managing inventory and cash flows tough balance; perishable inventory harder to manage SaaS: Great MRR, but money comes in over time; how does that impact how you manage cash? Subcontractors: How to predict cash in a longer supply chain 8

9. Case Study: SaaS company cash flow Steadily growing SaaS company with predictable revenue of $300K/month. Trying to increase sales by offsetting a typical large up-front fee that makes it harder to onboard customers quickly. Wanted to test a three-month offset of the fee. Took out a line of credit based on contractual monthly revenue to borrow against the next three months to continue to keep up expenses while testing the offset of the up front fee. Sales are up. 9

10. Terms matter Pricing strategy When will you require customers to pay you? Will you take up-front fees? Will you make it easy for them to leave? What is your return policy? 10

11. Getting Creative with Cash Flow • A/P management • Personal / business card mangement • Ask your investors / be transparent • Talk to your staff openly and honestly 11

12. Good CEOs (not just CFOs) always know • The month, if not the day, you will run out of cash • Current monthly burn rate • Max cash burn before you become profitable • Max cash burn for the next 18 months based on growth • Current payroll 12

13. Tips for Success Keep it simple! Avoid analysis paralysis Regular maintenance is critical (helps when it’s linked to hiring) 13

14. 14

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