Managing a (different) Data Deluge - SPARC OA conference

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Information about Managing a (different) Data Deluge - SPARC OA conference

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: CameronNeylon



Presentation from the Implementation Panel of the SPARC OA conference in Kansas City.

The talk discusses the challenges that arise when Open Access publishing rises to be a majority of scholarly publishing. Different systems are required to manage payments, metadata transfer and funder compliance for institutions, researchers, funders and publishers.

Managing a (Different) Data Deluge Cameron Neylon – SPARC OA Meeting Kansas City – 4 March 2014 CC-BY

Growth of Open Access Publishing

Wellcome Trust Funded Research Papers 400 PLOS ONE PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases PLOS Pathogens Published Articles 300 200 100 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Year 3

Scale of PLOS ONE 100 papers

Scale of PLOS ONE 100 papers a day

Scholarly Communication Services

Readers/Institutions Traditional Subscription Business

Readers/Institutions Authors/Institutions APC-funded Open Access Business Funders/Infrastructure

You used to buy content… CC-BY

You now buy services… CC-BY

Do you know what you’re buying? CC-BY-SA 11

What did your institution publish last year? CC BY-SA

…and how confident of that number are you? CC-BY-SA 13

Who funded them? CC BY-SA

…and can the publisher guarantee compliance? CC-BY

Is it in the right repositories? CC BY-SA

Quality of service... CC BY

…how much did you pay? CC BY-SA

How much of this can you measure? CC-BY CC-BY

Your ad hoc systems… CC-BY

Your manual systems… CC-BY

Will not scale to 100%

Will not scale to 50% CC-BY

Will not scale to 10% CC-BY




…compliance guarantees

…repository deposit…

Volume matters… CC BY

Share infrastructure… CC BY

SHARE infrastructure…? CC BY

Identifiers, systems, transfer protocols

…capturing up front

…at the core of your systems

A spreadsheet is a sign of impending doom… CC BY

…but all that…

…is still not enough CC BY

Shared systems, ids, infrastructure…which can be updated over time

Scholarly Communication Services

Scholarly Communication Services

You now buy services… CC-BY

! ! Figure% 1.!Difference!between!grant!end!date!and!publication!date.!The!distribution!shows! that!most!papers!published!by!PLOS!are!published!prior!to!the!end!of!at!least!one!grant! associated!with!the!paper!(based!on!Financial!disclosure).!Around!10%!of!articles!are!

Data and the ability to share it is core to your success

A question of architecture… CC-BY

…which needs foundations CC-BY-SA 52

Author as customer changes the balance… CC BY

Institution as customer changes the balance… CC BY

Know your workflows…

Use common identifiers…

Share data through standard and public APIs CC BY-SA


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