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Published on May 10, 2014

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training & development

 Development is the educational process as it tries to enhance one’s ability to understand & interpret knowledge in a useful way.  Development is different from training in that it is often the result of experience & the maturity that comes with it.  Any attempt to improve current or future management performance by imparting knowledge , changing attitudes or increasing skills is termed as management development

TRAINING ITEM DEVELOPMENT Learn specific behaviours & actions; demonstrate techniques & processes FOCUS Understand & interpret knowledge; develop judgement; expand capacities for varied assignments Short term TIME FRAME Long term Tries to improve a specific skill relating to a job PROCESS Aims at improving the total personality of an individual Meet current requirements of a job; aims at improving employee performance on a currently held job GOAL Meet future challenges of the job & the individual; aims at providing learning opportunities designed to help employees grow.

Performance appraisals, cost benefit analysis, passing tests or certification. EFFECTIVENESS MEASURES Qualified people available when needed, promotion from within possible, HR based competitive advantage



 On- the job methods Coaching or understudy Job rotation Multiple management Job instruction training

 Off – the job training  Lectures  Programme institution method  Conference method  Case study  Role play  T – group training method  Coaching  Vestibule training  Business or management games  In- basket exercise method  Behavioural modelling  Brainstorming sessions  Incident method  Grid training method

 What the managers – trainees think about the programme through questionnaire.  Whether there is improvement in quality , quantity of output;  Cost – benefit analysis helps to know the success of a programme. This criterion helps to know the final result.  After the programme, whether the managers behave & do their work with positive attitude? This is revealed by performance appraisal & carried out by supervisors, clients, peers, etc  It should also be seen to what extent managers acquired skills, abilities, etc. Performance tests are useful for knowing this aspect.

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