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Published on November 10, 2008

Author: faisal3rd


Slide 1: IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST BENEFICIAL AND MERCIFUL MANAGEMENT AND DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM. : MANAGEMENT AND DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM. Slide 3: PRESENTED TO: SIR ZEESHAN ABBASS Slide 4: PRESENTED BY: M.SOHAIL WAQAR SAJID SEHRISH NASREEN DATA : DATA Distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way. Data can exist in a variety of forms -- as numbers or text on pieces of paper, as bits and bytes stored in electronic memory, or as facts stored in a person's mind. EXAMPLE:HONDA MANUFACTURES : EXAMPLE:HONDA MANUFACTURES DATA OF HONDA ON SALES : DATA OF HONDA ON SALES RECORD: : RECORD: Records are composed of similar type of information. A set of records constitutes a file. RECORDS OF HONDA. : RECORDS OF HONDA. DATA MANAGEMENT: : DATA MANAGEMENT: Administrative process by which the required data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed, and by which its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness is ensured to satisfy the needs of the data users. DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: : DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A data management system (DMS) is computer software designed for the purpose of managing data on a variety of models ORGANIZATIONS SAVING DATA BY EXCEL. : ORGANIZATIONS SAVING DATA BY EXCEL. ORGANIZATIONS SAVING DATA BY DATABASES. : ORGANIZATIONS SAVING DATA BY DATABASES. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM: : MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM: “'MIS' is a planned system of collecting, processing, storing and disseminating data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of management”. MANAGEMENT USING MIS: : MANAGEMENT USING MIS: Administrative process by which the required data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed, and by which its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness is ensured to satisfy the needs of the data users. Slide 19: ADMINISTRATION SECTION Slide 20: The management of many business areas needs information to operate effectively. Administration, counseling, engineering, education, personnel, public health and sales are all the departments managing relevant data. MANAGEMENT AND IT’S LEVEL; : MANAGEMENT AND IT’S LEVEL; TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT FRONTLINE MANAGEMENT TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT : TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT Slide 23: The PRESIDENT or MANAGING DIRECTOR are post in organizations which are considered as top level management. The executives and senior managers also the part of top level management MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT: : MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT: Slide 25: ASSISTANT EXECUTIVES and ASSISTANT MANAGERS The middle level management is responsible for evaluating the performance of SUPERVISORS, WORKERS, SALES etc. Furthermore they prepare long term and short term plans for the upper level management. FRONT LINE MANAGEMENT : FRONT LINE MANAGEMENT SUPERVISORS WORKERS SUPERVISORS: : SUPERVISORS: WORKERS/SUBORDINATES: : WORKERS/SUBORDINATES: DATA FOR MANAGEMENTINFORMATION: : DATA FOR MANAGEMENTINFORMATION: RESEARCH DATA PERSONNEL DATA PRODUCTION DATA FINANCIAL DATA FINANCIAL DATA: : FINANCIAL DATA: Financial data includes information on how the organization resources translate into money. Reports on an organization profit and loss, assets and liabilities and other resources of value would result from use of financial data. FINANCIAL DATA: : FINANCIAL DATA: BILLING ACCOUNTS PROFIT/LOSS TAXES PAYROLLS RESEARCH DATA: : RESEARCH DATA: Research data includes analysis of past performance and plans for future projects. RESEARCH DATA: : RESEARCH DATA: ADVERTISEMENT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION SALES FORCASTING OBSERVATION PRODUCTION DATA: : PRODUCTION DATA: Production data involves information about the actual products made. Products sold, or services provided. PRODUCTION DATA: : PRODUCTION DATA: Customer service Purchasing Orders Sales Production & Scheduling PERSONNEL DATA : PERSONNEL DATA Managing the data regarding human resource, training, promotion etc. The productivity, absenteeism are also personnel matters. PERSONNEL DATA : PERSONNEL DATA Circulam vita (CV) Vacations timing Over time/ pensions/ sick leaves Wages Slide 38: ?

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