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Information about Managed switches

Published on March 18, 2014

Author: dwight4


What is a switch? It has ports for connecting hosts to via Ethernet cables. Which allows data to go in one port and out another determined by the destination address. The number of ports change depending on the type of switch you have. Usually found in all networks. It is an improvement on a hub because the hub will broadcast the data to all od the devices connect to the hub and only the one its addressed to will accept the packet the rest will discard it. A switch allows all the devices connected to it (via Ethernet cable) to communicate, share folder and access and shared devices on the network such as printer and storage servers.

Basic configuration The basic configuration of a switch will consist of things like, setting password on the ports like console, VTY and auxiliary. Also a password on the enable mode in the CLI to prevent people going in and changing the configuration. Also a password and IP address on the VLAN so that packet can be set via the VLAN. Basic commands Switch > enable Switch# config t Switch(config)#enable password …… Switch(config)# enable secret password…… Switch(config)#interface VLAN 10 This allows the user to enter global configuration mode This command allows the user to configure via a terminal This command allows you to set a password for the enable command This allows you to set another password for the enable command that is encrypted. This command allows you to enter the VLAN interface and configure the VLAN.

Managed switches Managed switches are switches that have been set up do that an administrator can adjust aspects of the switch while it is operating. The admin can set up security features on the ports such as a MAC filter. This is where only MAC address that are on the networks MAC tables will be able to connect to the network, if a Ethernet cable is unplugged and put in laptop the port will close so the device can not connect to the network. The admin can also give ports priority so that when they are sending data the packet is dealt with first and transmitted first. The administrator can also set the the switch up so that it can do port mirroring, which is where the switch sends a copy of network packets to a monitoring connection. They can also set up VLAN setting so that packets can be sent through VLAN secure network that can also boost performance.

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