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Published on December 9, 2008

Author: CequitySolutions



Customer Equity Solutions (Cequity) is a technology-enabled Customer Experience Management Company. Our end-to-end suite of integrated services includes customer management consulting, marketing database & information management solutions, analytics, metrics & dashboards and campaign measurement. We use best in class proprietary methodologies, to create a cohesive, easy-to-use platform and generate measurable results throughout the entire customer lifecycle in very less time.
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Managed Marketing Services (MMS) Moving from tactical to strategic Analytical marketing 20 May 2008  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Managed Marketing Services Business Transaction Data Analytics & Campaign management Market research Competitive & Lifestyle Data indicator data We support data based decisioning by providing ACTIonABLE AnALYTICS™ using enterprise and external data in a MAnAGED MARKETInG SERVICES model. 2 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

CEQUITY offers a range of Managed Marketing Services Cequity — our service offerings Envision Explore Extract Enable Empower Customer Management Managed Analytics/ Custom Database Managed Marketing Marketing Operations & Consulting Campaign Services Design Solution Services Measurement services ß Customer ß Customer Analytics ß Build Databases ß Campaign Services ß Measurement Management ß Digital Analytics ß Manage databases ß Event-trigged frameworks framework ß Campaign Design & Services ß Dashboards ß Customer Execute Loyalty Marketing on-boarding on-boarding ß Campaign Tracking & ß Lead Generation & ß Loyalty Analytics ß Customer Lifecycle RoI Management Management ß Managed Loyalty ß Managed Service Campaign services Solutions Data Quality ß Managed Channel And Information Solutions Management  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Tools and Techniques Modeling and Business Performance Data Management & Enabling Optimization Research Analysis quality Operations ß Forecasting ß Market Mix modeling ß Customized reporting ß Data quality audits ß Database Hosting ß Customer Lifetime ß Benchmarking, ß Univariate / ß Creating Design of services value ß Financial Impact Multivariate analyses Experiments ß Return on Marketing modeling ß Pareto analyses ß Data cleansing & investment ß Trend analyses classification optimization ß Survival analytics ß Regression Business Applications Demand Management Supply Management Strategy simulation Financial Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Supporting data-driven business decision process How can clients quickly obtain the infrastructure and skill-set required to deploy an analytics solution?  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Managed Marketing Services Success Stories ß S hopping basket analysis and cross-sell optimization for the Grocery Retail business to improve targeting and conversion efficiency ß R eturn on Marketing Investment for packaged consumer goods companies for optimal allocation of marketing budget ß C ustomer Segmentation and Churn Analysis for a renowned telecom company ß Predictive models for Cross sell & up sell programs for a financial Institution ß H igh Frequency Store PoS data analysis for new product, promotional, purchase timing etc. for packaged consumer goods companies ß L arge Scale up in Campaigns ,both in terms of complexity and volume for a very large Retail Bank  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Cequity - Managed Marketing Services Solutions Cequity‘s Managed Campaign services solutions allows clients to offshore their key customer marketing processes to a partner who can flexibly bring “best in class” skills sets to the entire customer marketing process. Cequity supports campaign management & marketing decisioning by bringing the client’s data into a managed services framework which allows the client to rapidly scale up their Customer marketing efforts. Cequity also brings a robust  stage Campaign management process, Smart campaigning™, which helps clients rapidly scale up their Customer marketing efforts. e Tra ns p ons act R es ion ign Da pa ta am C ta Da Smart Campaigning ™ Action basis Customer insight ry co nda Ca mp l/ Se s aig n B e rna urce lue Ext a so prin dat t  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Actionable Analytics framework™ Situation Analysis Behavioral Segmentation 1 to 1 Plan Behavior Customer Scoring Model Optimisation Matrix • Absolute Scores / 1-to-1 Plan Business Objectives • Relative Scores • Portfolio level Objectives • Predictive Scores • Possible actions to • Historical Scores bridge Behaviour Gap Customer Portfolio Map (different score/behavior combinations) • Multiple Portfolios Data-BO Matrix ROI Map • Portfolio Characteristics BO-Data Matrix • Portfolio Behavior trends • Portfolio Opportunities & Value Iteration Behavior Gap Analysis (for each Portfolio) Existing Customer Data Current Ideal Resultant Portfolio Portfolio ROI Campaign Lists GAP Offer Ideas Behavior Behavior Opportunity  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Typical Marketing needs across Industry ¬ Explore Extract ß Which market should I play in? ß How will it be profitable? ß What should be my products? ß How to generate good leads? ß What is my demand? ß Make my Sales team more ß What is competition doing? effective? ß How much will my customer value ß Which Channels? my services? ß What price should I set? ¬ Customer Life Cycle ¬ Empower Enable ß How profitable are my customer ß How can I reach my customer strategies? across multiple channels? ß Can I build Customer lifetime ß How do I analyze customer value approaches to manage my behavior to make my offers more customers better? ¬ relevant? ß How do I scale up my Marketing processes to campaign to my customers in a seamless way? 8 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

to address c lient needs Bread th of services Extract ting Models Explore ß Target Mk Mgmt. ence ß Campaign ß Market Intellig ß Price Sett ing ence ix Model ß Comp. Intellig ß Market M ß Price Tracking ß Sales Effe ctivess Strategy ß Product Dev. ß offer opti misation entation ß Market Segm ß CLTV Mo deling Empower Enable ß Credit Scorin g -sell ß Loss Model ß X-Sell, Up Collections S trategy odel ß ß Attrition M Fraud Detecti on ß Loyalty S corecard ß Sat. Study ß Customer entation ß C ustomer Segm ß Trigger M arketing nagement P rofitability Ma ß Customer  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Through utilising CEQUITY’s Managed Marketing Services… …Clients are able to increase speed to market with minimal capital investments ß CEQUITY offers a managed service model which allows Clients to: − inimise capital expenditure technology M − everage the skills and expertise of CEQUITY’s L investments Analytics Services practitioners 0% Consulting Clients Transactional Data – 0% % Customer, vendor, SCM, Phd Marketing Marketing Solicitations, 20% 0% 2% ITES Product Data, Financial Data Masters MBA 2% 0% Analytics 20% External/Secondary Data BSc / IT Engg. % Prospect List/reference Files others CEQUITY Managed Analytics Platform Business Research Modeling Performance Analysis Primary Research Process Support 60 Apples 120 Management / Solutions 100 S. California 50 Bananas C. California 80 40 N. California 60 30 tive 40 20 20 10 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 0 A B C D E F tra llus C Jan B 1990 ß members onboard I Product A A 1980 1970 Feb Product B Mar Product C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 ß Ramp-up to 00+ by end 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 0 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

MMS End to End Campaign Solution Internal/External Hosted Environment External STAGInG ª SFTP Raw Files: Customer Details • Consumer details registration, Profile • Transaction details Promotions by Channel updates, Surveys • Reactions • Survey updates • Reference files TP Transaction Data ª SF Current Promotions Reactions to Promotions Current Promotions Customer relations Reference Files ETL & DQA oDS/DW X Campaign Mgt X https [ Consumer Integrated data Shared hub  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

A Proof-of-Concept engagement is proposed to… …demonstrate the business value to our clients ª ª ª ª Benefits of MMS Scope Definition Data & Systems Analyze Business ß inimal capex M Piloting & Mobilisation Assessment Value & ROI investment − EQUITY C D ß efine scope ß dentify data I D ß efine pilot I ß dentify infrastructure for pilot required for scenarios business ß aster time-to-market F M ß obilise team analysis ß xecute E value I − mproved ß nalyse A scenarios ß erive return D effectiveness internal and ß nalyse A on investment ß ncreased value-add I external results − ransparency of T systems operations & risks and identify sources of − nvestment I data efficiency ß ncreased business I agility ß cope defined S ß ources of data S A ß nalysis results B ß usiness value − usiness and B Team mobilised identified reviewed from MAS market insights identified − rends / impact T ß oI determined R anticipation A proof-of-concept approach will allow clients to determine the value of MMS before embarking on full deployment of the solution 2 20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

MMS Campaign Analytics Campaign operation Components Design & Planning Pre-Campaign Work Customer Selection Performance Tracking ß Customer Selection ß Workbook creation ß Customer Selection ß Tracking criteria Strategy ß Production Planning ß Selection Auditing identification ß Execution gap ß Data Identification & ß Mail file Creation ß Tracking report analysis & closing Mapping ß vendor coordination ß Analysis & ß Process Mapping ß Data validation ß Compliance & other recommendation fulfillments Business Analyst Campaign Managers Reporting Managers Skill sets ß Quantitative & Analytical skills ß Direct Marketing / List Processing Knowledge ß Relationship Mgt. Skills ß SAS / SQL knowledge Tools Utilized ß SAS Analytics wide knowledgebase ß Unica-Affinium Campaign,e message,model & Detect ß Encryption Software for Data Protection ß KXen  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Managed Marketing Services Engagement Model (/2) I. ‘Pilot / Project’ engagement II. Managed Services engagement ß Duration ß Duration −  –  months −  –  years ß nature of engagement ß nature of engagement ª − – subject experts deployed  − edicated resources (gradually d parttime / full-time for the duration of staffed-up) engagement − eam normally located off-shore T − Team located on-site / off-shore with account manager in place ß nature of deliverable ß nature of deliverable − ne-time, identifying specific o − n-going deliverables with clear o data collection / analyses SLAs recommendations ß rationale behind offering ß Rationale behind offering − ong-term engagement with growth L − hort engagement to assess data S potential based on delivery availability and benefits of analytics − lient assistance provided to drive C long-term relationships  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Managed Marketing Services Engagement Model (2/2) Internal/External Data Client CEQUITY Data mining & Campaign Option1: Project Based Engagement tools (Kxen, SAS & Unica) Raw data, Project Objective and Timeline & Data Requirement Analysis/Campaigns Flat files Deliverables Provided Agreed Upon Ad Hoc Data Transfer Based on objective Modeling & Optimization Data • Cleaning • Market intelligence & research • Performance analyses Option2: Managed Services Engagement • Campaign Planning & Execution • Internal/External Reporting Raw data, Periodic Analysis Requirement, Timeline, Data Requirement & Campaigns/Analysis Flat files Staffing agreed upon before the engagement Data Ad Hoc Data Transfer Based Cleaning on objective Feedback Loop on Data Quality/ Campaign Response  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

Proposed Pricing Models There are several pricing options, highly customizable Fixed Rates option Charge model is based on number MMS HUB of customers and service spectrum, $ taking away any significant upfront investment giving quantifiable RoI to the client number of outputs in Month Base Plus Transaction Loading MMS HUB MMS HUB $ $ number of outputs in Month number of outputs in Month Pricing for services would be at market rates for similar services, which suggests direct savings of 20-2% to most clients  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

In Summary, our value Proposition Client benefits Key differentiators ß Financial Impact ß CEQUITY in partnership - “skin in − emonstrable savings through RoI D the game” calculators ß Skilled resources/Leveraged ª − Fixed to variable/no upfront investment models − Pay-Per-Use ß Scalable capacity ß Time To Market (TTM) − Best practices − Improved Effectiveness − Repeatability ß Increased value-add − xperienced domain/industry business E − Transparency of operations & risks analysts − Investment efficiency ß Proven benefits ß off-the-shelf jumpstart modules − xperience in driving benefits for E for “analytics starter” CEQUITY businesses & selected clients ß Increased business agility − Solution expertise − Business and market insights − Trends / impact anticipation ß End-to-end offering − Consulting led Managed Analytics − Trends / impact anticipation [[ Focused on delivering business impact  20 May 2008 CEQUITY Confidential

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