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Published on March 3, 2014

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Managed Cloud Transition Services

Contents CONTENTS .........................................................................................................................................2 1 INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................................3 2 MANAGED TRANSITION SERVICES SCOPE .................................................................................. 6 3 INVESTMENT ............................................................................................................................... 8 PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

1 Introduction In today's era of budget reductions and cost examination, every company must improve processes, cut costs and deliver value quickly. Cloud computing, or specifically, Public Cloud computing is seen by government, enterprise, and small business alike as a mechanism for IT to deliver on the business demands within the shortest time and lowest upfront investment. Public Cloud computing is a very different paradigm from legacy IT; for a start, there are factors that must be considered when systems are housed outside the realm or control of internal IT. In addition, network communications become mission critical, and aspects of latency, bandwidth and reliability all must be taken into account with regards to their impact on application response time, end user satisfaction and business acceptance. Whilst many organisations have a strong desire to adopt Public Cloud services as quickly as possible, there are certain realities with regards to depreciation of existing physical server assets, and also the risk mitigation by engaging in a “slow and staged” transition to Cloud. Deploying a “transitional” cloud platform, where services are delivered from both internal IT and an external service provider may complicate IT operations for a period of time, and to circumvent this, organisations are looking towards cloud providers that can offer a managed service for legacy IT whilst also offering a transition service onto their own public cloud. IndonesianCloud have recognised this demand, and have created a service offering that we call our “Managed Cloud Transition Service”. Under this service offering, the IndonesianCloud network operations team; leveraging our tools, frameworks, and systems; take over the day-day operational management of a legacy IT environment (x86), including servers, storage, datacentre network, virtualization platform, VMs, and the OS’s running on the VMs. Alongside this management service is an assessment and migration service where, on your behalf, we select candidate workloads (applications and/or servers) and then move them onto our Public Cloud platform. Note that the offering is a managed transition service, and as such the contract term is limited to a maximum of 18 months, and it is expected that within 3 months of contract commencement that migrations to the IndonesianCloud platform are started. Whilst the proactive nature of this service prevents a significant degree of unplanned events – there are still sudden events that require immediate access to expertise. This agreement provides an on-call support service, available 24 x 7. The On-call support service facilitates both the monitoring of email alerts and phone based support on a 30 minute response (during working hours) and 1 hour response out of working hours SLA. IndonesianCloud will execute the majority of services remotely, as it is rarely necessary to touch the physical hardware, except for hardware replacement or upgrades. The Key benefits of outsourcing the administration of your platform to IndonesianCloud are:     Access to a business rather than a person, that can share the site knowledge amongst its folk, ensuring no single point of failure No risk of a meltdown if the admin gets sick, goes on holiday or away for training – there is always someone there Access to our pool of specialist talent – our admin team is in constant contact with our cloud engineering and consulting team, and can call on them when required. This means you get access to expert advice and guidance in the administration of your platforms Remove the risk of skilling up someone just to get poached by another business! This is a very real problem, as there is currently a critical shortage of highly skilled engineers in Indonesia. PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

  A focused specialist organisation managing your virtual infrastructure, getting the benefits of experience managing many other customers’ infrastructure. Reduced risks from migration to a cloud service by outsourcing the function and testing related to moving servers and applications The Support agreement is focussed on delivering a valued service to our customer, and as such, this means rigorous SLAs are in place for responding to customer requests for service. We have categorised the requests for service into severity levels, and provide firm and managed response and closure times. Note that any new provisioning request is by default severity four. The table below depicts the service levels as provided under this offering: Severity Level Description Response Time Closure Time Severity 1 – Critical (P 1) Severity Level One problems are conditions that render the System inoperative and the inability to use the System has a critical effect on operations. The condition is generally characterized by complete system failure and requires immediate restoration Severity Level Two problems are conditions under which the System is partially inoperative, but is still usable. The inoperative portion of the System restricts operations but has a less critical effect than a Severity One condition. Severity Level Three problems are generally non-service affecting conditions under which the System is usable but with limited functionality. The condition is not critical to overall operations, and does not severely restrict such operations. Generally, SL-3 problems affect administrative functions, routine maintenance and diagnostics. Severity Level Four problems are conditions under which the System is usable and the condition does not materially affect operations. These problems are those resulting in a minor failure, which involves individual components of the System. 30 Min 3 Hours 1 Hour 24 Hours 1 Day 1 Week 1 Day 1 Week Severity 2 – Major (P 2) Severity 3 – Minor (P 3) Severity 4 – Low (P 4) Providing a service level alone is meaningless, what matters is that the service is actually provided, and that a formalized process is available to ensure compliance with the SLA. If at any time a service request breaches its target closure time, notifications are sent to personnel within IndonesianCloud - the greater the percentage breach the more senior the personnel notified: 25% Escalation 50% Escalation 75% Escalation ICCC Team Leader IT Operation Manager Chief Technology Officer * If an incident reaches 90% an Internal Problem Review Board will be initiated. IndonesianCloud have a formalised and professional Network Operations Center; this NOC was established to manage and operate our own Public Cloud Service, and as such, are equipped to deliver high quality service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The NOC has its own wide array of management tools and frameworks, and these tools and frameworks will be deployed (at our cost) to manage your platform. We will provide a dashboard to you showing the current health of the platform, any outstanding issues, and compliance with the target SLAs. We also have an ITIL aligned support structure, with ITIL practitioners as part of our operations team. PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

As an example of our call handling process, the flow from customer through our systems, and to any required back end vendor is as follows: Customer Indonesian Cloud Service Desk agent Helpdesk System Indonesian Cloud 2nd Level Support Principal/ Vendor Management PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

2 Managed Transition Services Scope When deciding to embark on a transition to Cloud computing, the realities of managing an existing platform remain; in order to allow customers to begin to realise the operational benefits of cloud sooner, IndonesianCloud offer our Managed Transition Service. This service places your existing platform under our operational control; with IndonesianCloud performing all administrative and engineering tasks related to maintaining this existing platform. In addition, IndonesianCloud will begin the process to analyse, select, and migrate services to the public cloud on your behalf. The scope of this service offering is the physical server, storage, and datacentre networking infrastructure, VMware Hosts, Virtual Machines and the OS resident within each VM; the scope does not extend to include managing any application or services delivered by the VMs, this must remain under the control of your legacy IT team. The detailed scope of services is detailed below:  Platform Administration Services o Daily performance review and platform health check o Provisioning of new Virtual Machines o Establishment & administration of VM templates for fast deployment o De-commissioning of retired Virtual Machines o Upgrade VM tools where required o Manage AV updates and roll outs o Manage Windows Operating System patching and rollouts o Ensure Moves/Adds/Changes comply with design o Storage LUN creation and administration o Datacenter Network VLAN creation, server connection, and administration o Other work required from time to time in the context of platform administration.  Virtual Platform Management o Weekly Virtual Centre and ESX host hardware status check. o Communication of identified incidents and problems, with suggested remedy. o Monthly review of Performance, Utilisation and Trending for CPU, Memory and Disk, presented in a graphical report. o Monthly ESX host Log review. o Monthly Virtual Machine Compliance check – VM Tools, NIC, Machine Type etc. o Monthly Virtual Network Health check – vKernel networks, vNetwork distributed switches, port groups/port settings, performance i.e. Latency. o VMware License renewal notification o Quarterly VMware Patch review and update plan (if applicable).  Storage Platform Management o Daily replication status check (if applicable) o Weekly check of backup success for storage configuration (assuming automated backups are configured). o Weekly log check of storage platforms o Monthly review of performance for the storage platforms, the output of which is a graphical report detailing key metrics and trends over time. o Monthly error log check for each Storage Subsystem. o Monthly manual backup of storage platforms not able to be automated. o Quarterly firmware assessment and report.  On-call Support. o 24x7x365 On Call phone Support. o 24x7x365 email alert monitoring from Storage, Virtual and SAN fabric platforms. PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

o o o o o o o o  Evaluate alerts, correlate multiple incidents, determine severity/impact and verbally advise the Customer. Formulate action plan for issue resolution and advise the Customer. Open Vendor support calls if required. Leveraging IndonesianCloud vendor relationships where ever possible, manage and communicate with the vendor on support calls, bypassing level 1 support and arbitrary responses from vendors where possible and practical, and applying IndonesianCloud IP to vendor responses, ensuring that only valid and sound next steps are communicated back to the Customer. Maintain communication according to Customer preferences throughout the fault resolution process, which is often iterative. Respond to the Customer within 30 minutes of alert notification during business hours, and within 1 hour in other times. Advise action plan and update the Customer within 30 minutes of making first contact with the Customer. Provide a support telephone number and direct support email address. Migration Services o Analyse existing servers for suitability to execute from a Public Cloud o Create and maintain an application inter-dependency map showing which services depend on which servers, and across applications and servers o Catalog each server with regards to business criticality o Analyse network bandwidth and latency requirements per server o Analyse data protection and DR policies for each server and determine an updated strategy after migration to public cloud o Perform actual migrations to Public Cloud IaaS for servers deemed acceptable candidates; liaise with internal applications support team to develop suitable test/acceptance plans to validate application function post migration o Perform actual migrations to Public Cloud SaaS for applications capable of being migrated to a shared application service (eg email). o Take responsibility for testing, and perform any “fail-back” for applications that do not pass user acceptance testing post migration PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

3 Investment The IndonesianCloud Managed Cloud Transition service is delivered under a predictable fixed price model, with the cost being dependent on the number of servers monitored per month. The cost for this service is Rp. 1,800,000 per Server/VM plus tax per month. For commitments to minimum service terms, IndonesianCloud offer attractive discounts; the payment for these service terms are pre-paid. No additional charges are applied, this price is fixed. Contacts Please contact any of the following individuals for enquiries or escalations: Name Position Email PT Indonesian Cloud | Menara MTH 12th Floor JlLetjen MT HaryonoKav 23 Jakarta 12820 |

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