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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: BonitaSoft



Find the flexibility your procurement process needs with the process template "Procure-To-Pay".

You’ll see how to;
-improve the usability of your application with contingencies and groups in complex forms
-manage scanned invoices, incorporating a PDF display in your forms
-generate and automatically send your orders via PDF
quickly identify bottlenecks and set up effective business reporting
-access the application from a web browser and mobile devices

Manage Purchasing Efficiently with Bonita BPM Sapna Maheswari Vivecca Yong Tim ©2013 Bonitasoft

Agenda • About Bonitasoft & Bonita BPM • Procure To Pay : This process can make the difference • Demo: Procure To Pay process template • Questions Addressed #BonitaBPM ©2013 Bonitasoft 2

About Bonitasoft AWARDS • 2,500,000 DOWNLOADS • 120,000 COMMUNITY MEMBERS • 900 CUSTOMERS • • 130 EMPLOYEES 130 TECH & SI PARTNERS 3

900 customers in 60 countries


DESIGN. Bonita Studio • BPMN 2.0 • Drag-n-drop application development • Powerful form builder • Easy connectivity 6 6

CONNECT. … to almost any Information System 7 7

RUN. Bonita Portal... Desktop & Mobile 8 8

… or as a standalone application 9 9


Making the difference with your procurement process ©2013 Bonitasoft 11

Why should you optimize your procurement process Drive vendor relationship Optimize your process Secure your cash flow • Streamline onboarding • Catalog Control • Negotiate early settlement discounts • Paperless • Audit trail • Reconciliation • Invoice payment on time • Monitor exposure ©2013 Bonitasoft 12

Procure to Pay with Bonita BPM ©2013 Bonitasoft 13

Approval by multiple stakeholders • • Model multiple stakeholder approval with the use of multiinstantiation Ability to define criteria for approval (has to be approved by all, > 66% etc.) ©2013 Bonitasoft 14

Connect processes Connect the invoicing process to the core procurement process with messages ©2013 Bonitasoft 15

Complex, interactive forms ©2013 Bonitasoft 16

Demonstration ©2013 Bonitasoft 17

Onboarding a vendor Register a vendor Walter Bates Vendor approval William Jobs Import product catalog Walter Bates Activate vendor Walter Bates ©2013 Bonitasoft 18

Create a new Purchase Order Order Creation Walter Bates Order approval Order Generation Receipt of goods Receipt of invoice & Validation Jan Fisher (Logistics) Helen Kelly (Manager) Anthony Nichols (Approver) Invoice Payment April Sanchez (Finance) Anthony Nichols (Invoice Validator) ©2013 Bonitasoft 19

Commercial Offerings 20

Commercial offerings We support your projects and accelerate their success • Professional Services - Training - Certification in development and administration - Consulting: On-Site or Remote • Annual Subscriptions - Gold or Platinum Technical Support - Features to facilitate collaboration, speed development, aid testing, deployment and administration, advanced portal features 21

Bonita BPM Subscriptions Subscriptions • Commercial license • Professional Support • Software Upgrades Team collaboration • Shared repository • Productivity features Mission-critical • Monitoring • Error management • Live reconfiguration End-User Centric • Advanced Portal • Mobile • Process templates

Thank you, and… STAY CONNECTED WITH US! CORPORATE WEBSITE Product & Services descriptions, References, Webinars, White papers bonitasoft bonitasoft OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY Forums, Contributions, Source Code gid=3182097 bonitasoftbpm ©2013 Bonitasoft 23

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