Man(agement) vs. Wild: The Call of the Free-Range Customer

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Information about Man(agement) vs. Wild: The Call of the Free-Range Customer

Published on October 28, 2009

Author: lldoolj2



Presentation developed prior to eMetrics DC - outlines the current challenges of social media metrics and highlights some tools in BETA and resources for continued discussion.

Though this slidedeck wasn't presented at eMetrics, it was developed in preparation for the "Man(agement) vs. Wild" panel discussion. Your feedback is welcome!

Man(agement) vs. WildHeading the Call of the Free Range Customer Prepared for eMetrics DC October 20-22, 2009 Laura Lee S. Dooley, World Resources Institute

“Social media is all about relationships and relationships fail …” – Charlene Li How do we put a numeric value on relationship ???

Different metrics … … different levels of engagement

Pageviews … … your site only!

Clickthroughs … … multiple sources & destinations

Visitors … h … are they the right ppl? do they care/matter?

Friends, followers, fans … … growth ≠ impact

Unfriend, unfollow, unfan … … changing community

Metrics timelines … … realtime, your time

Relationships … … how much are YOU worth?

Tools measuring the backend Twitalyzer – person or brand?

Social media analytics requires new metrics (c) Rick Harrison.

Social Media Metrics Infinitely measurable web – NOT! Complex challenges = complex questions Why? Why? Why? Why? Translating data into action is difficult with time-lapse Social media should have social metrics Real time, downloadable, w/in tools Simple segmentation Tracking micro conversions Tracking connections

Getting beyond your website , page, profile

Twitter lists Twitter Lists (BETA) (BETA) (BETA)

Keep social mediafocused on• community • conversation • connections … not technology

What are you trying to do (goals)? How can you get it done (tasks)? Success = It’s done! Being willing to revise yourgoals/tasks as the online conversation changes.

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