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Published on October 10, 2009

Author: rickjoubert



Mobile Advertising Masterclass, Bucharest, Romania, 9 October 2009

Rick Joubert

Mobile Advertising Master Class 9 October 2009, Bucharest, Romania

7th mass medium Print Recording Cinema Radio TV Internet Mobile

Global Mobile Media Landscape • Global Advertising Market 2009 $450 Billion • Global Online Advertising market share 10% ($45 Billion) • Global Online Advertising market growth 8% • Global Mobile Advertising market share 1% (Microsoft: Tenth of global ad spend 'will be on mobile channel in 5 years„ ) • Mobile Advertising market growth 55% • Other media growth is declining -7.3% >New Study Expects Mobile Advertising to Represent 25 % of Global Internet Ad Spend by 2011

Penetration (%) The Adoption Curve Time The Long Tail Spend (R) Large Advertisers

What makes MOBILE different?* 1. First personal mass media 2. Permanently carried 3. Always on 4. Built-in payment mechanism 5. Available at point of creative inspiration 6. Accurate audience measurement 7. Captures social context of media consumption * Tomi Ahonen

“..available at the point of creative 7 inspiration…”

Mobile TODAY has twice the reach of TV, three times the reach of Internet and is the only media carried upon our person every hour of the day. In developing markets mobile is the FIRST screen

Q. Is mobile the hero, lead or support? • Media : display advertising • Direct Marketing: push messaging , lead generation • Integrated Marketing: interactive response channel for other media • Community Building and CRM - Standard SMS/MMS/dot mobi tools - Branded application / utility (content delivery)

Integrated execution – 1 0 MMA Global award winning case study • What if you could LISTEN to a poster?

• •

Case Study: Nike MINI SITE hosted in Vodafone live! • Home page exposure via links and banners • 21 day campaign MINI SITE contained: • Television commercial downloads • Wallpaper downloads • Screensavers • NIKE TV ad on Mobile TV channel (SA first!) • Link to competition page for customer survey • No digital rights management on any content End user value proposition • FREE high quality branded content • FREE mobile data charges

Case Study: Nike • Campaign results • Client Expectations • • 15 000 downloads • • 4 000 survey responses • Actual results • • 84 000 downloads • • 9 200 survey responses

Coke Happiness Factory August 2008 Background: • Vodafone live! Minisite. Components: • Content: Unique Wallpapers; Screensavers; Videos; Ringtones; Happiness Factory Game; • Competitions (Win a coke vending machine) Objectives: • Awareness • Downloading of branded content • Database building Call To Action: • Clickable Banner to Happiness Factory Mini Site. Results: > 60 000 downloads CTR : 2.92%

Simple Lead generation • Mainly financial services industry • Average CTR of 1% • 1000‟s of leads generated monthly • CPM & CPC campaigns

Est. 5 million active RSA users, 14M registrations

Mxit: Five second interstitial at log-in

Mxit: SkinZ

Mxit : Sponsored driving lessons Sponsor 53K registrations in first week

What is The Grid? Location-based social network that mashes UGC, LBS and IM

Snap shot of Grid logged-in users

500,000 ad impressions daily All ads can be targeted according to location, gender, age, time of day Nic Haralambous– Mobile Internet, SN and LBA

The Grid JAVA application is able to deliver location based adverts via interstitials, commercial blips (geo tagged content) and clickable text adverts. 1. The user logs in and gets located. 2. Every time the user accesses his or her friends list, the user will be shown an advert based on their most recently updated location. 3. When on the map the user can then ask to see blips nearby, The Grid will then show a list of blips nearby and any adverts which are listed will be shown once the user clicks on the blip.

Location / impression report – Jay Jay‟s Pretoria

Penetration (%) The Adoption Curve Time The Long Tail Spend (R) Large Advertisers

The Grid: Mood map

Demographics Page/Category Subscriber Type Specific Time of Day ARPU Targeting Toolkit Handset Type Location Day of Week Frequency Capping

AdMe Case Study: LG KS360 • LG Promo built into weekly AdMe promo SMS – “AdMe: Great new chances to win LG cell phones and more. Click XXXXX to enter” • Total of 443718 SMS sent with; – 3.72% Click Through Rate • Mobi site Skin and banners • 9506 entries to the LG campaign – due to multiple entries per member – 6361 unique entries 31

.mobi portal skin Full Mobi Skin + Banners 32

What is your favorite feature on the LG KS360? 33

What is your favorite feature on the LG KS360? 34

What is your favorite feature on the LG KS360? 35

Text Based Mobile Advertising: PCM 1) 7,6 billion messages in a 08/11/25 3:30 am year *140*0821234567# +27823103104 2) 24 million unique people Please Call Me exposed to PCM ads per 082 3103104 month For low low car Insurance call Budget On 0860 28 28 49 3) All MNO’s During office hours to Start saving.

PCM: Two case studies 08/11/25 3:30 am 08/11/25 3:30 am +27823103104 +27823103104 *140*0821234567# Please Call Me Please Call Me 0823103104 0823103104 PnP Choice asstd long SMS OMO to 32323 life juices (1 L ) @ (R1) to take the OMO R6.99 SAVE R2.50 per challenge & you could litre at all Pick n Pay win a cellphone & HYPERS.24-29 Sept airtime for a year! only Rules apply.

PCM : OMO • CTA: SMS “OMO” to short code • User then receives SMS asking for answer to a question which can only be found on the OMO pack • User SMS‟s answer back and if correct competition entry is confirmed Result : 485K unique brand engagements and database

only 0823103104 juices (1 L ) @ Asstd long life Please Call Me per litre at all PnP R6.99 SAVE R2.50 Hypers.24-29 Sept 9/1/2008 9/2/2008 9/3/2008 9/4/2008 9/5/2008 9/6/2008 9/7/2008 9/8/2008 9/9/2008 9/10/2008 9/11/2008 9/12/2008 13/09/2008 14/09/2008 15/09/2008 16/09/2008 17/09/2008 18/09/2008 19/09/2008 20/09/2008 21/09/2008 22/09/2008 23/09/2008 Unit Sales 24/09/2008 25/09/2008 26/09/2008 +564% 27/09/2008 28/09/2008 29/09/2008 30/09/2008 10/1/2008 10/2/2008 10/3/2008 10/4/2008 10/5/2008 +1733% 10/6/2008 10/7/2008 10/8/2008 10/9/2008 Case Study: Retailer Orange Juice Sales

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