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Information about MalteseFalcon

Published on February 23, 2018

Author: herbinmd


Slide1: With 289 ft , the Maltese Falcon is the second largest privately-owned sailing yacht in the world and it was built by the Italian Perini Navi Yachts. The Maltese Falcon Slide2: She can achieve nearly full 20 knots and the two 1,800 hp engines ma k e no noise or vibration. Slide3: The ship has fifteen square sails (five per mast) which open in six minutes. Slide4: It belongs to Tom Perkins, the first General Manager of HP and the venture capitalist behind Amazon .com, AOL , Google and Sun Microsystems . Slide5: The cost of the Maltese Falcon was 100 Million dollars. Slide6: I t is possible for a single person to pilot the yacht. Slide7: Her accommodations can be configured from four to six stateroom suites. Slide8: Owner's Cabin . Slide9: One of four guest suites that can convert into two enormous VIP suites each with his/her heads. Slide10: A porcelain Bugatti emerges from the table in the cent er of the saloon at the mere touch of a button . Slide11: Above the table, in the leather floor dining room, a skylight blind opens like the iris aperture on a camera. Slide12: The w ine cellar . Slide13: The kitchen. Slide14: An atrium with clear glass floor surrounds the main mast well, with a staircase spiraling down three decks . Slide15: One of the suite bathroom s. Slide16: Her sea t oys : t wo 32' Rigid Inflatable Boats , four l aser s ailing boats, one 14' j et tender , two kayaks, banana, wakeboard, 6 full sets of dive gear s , water skis, snorkeling gear s, t echno gym, etc etc etc. Slide17: Tom Perkins reportedly had to sell his beloved Bugatti to help fund the yacht. Poor guy...

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