Making your own bootloader

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Information about Making your own bootloader

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: iamumr



Step by step process to create a program that boots at start-up in assembly language and making bootable pendrive or floppy drive

Step 1 as test.S -o test.o ld –Ttext 0x7c00 --oformat=binary test.o –o test.bin ● ● ● as test.S –o test.o: Converts the given assembly code into respective object code which is an intermediate code generated by the assembler before converting into machine code. The --oformat=binary switch tells the linker you want your output file to be a plain binary image The -Ttext 0x7c00 tells the linker you want your "text" (code segment) address to be loaded to 0x7c00 and thus it calculates the correct address for absolute addressing.

Step 2 //Writing to USB dd if=test.bin of=/dev/sdb1 //For booting from virtual disk in vmware dd if=/dev/zero of=floppy.img bs=512 count=2880 dd if=test.bin of=floppy.img ● Utility dd : Converts and copies the file

Step 3 ● ● ● Enter BIOS Modify the boot order to bring your usb device to the top. BOOT !

Step 3 ● ● ● Enter BIOS Modify the boot order to bring your usb device to the top. BOOT !

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