Making the Move from IaaS to IaaS+ with DBaaS - HostingCon 2014

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Information about Making the Move from IaaS to IaaS+ with DBaaS - HostingCon 2014

Published on June 23, 2014

Author: cumulogic



The cloud market has evolved to the point where it's no longer enough to just offer virtual machines by the hour. Developers are demanding more, asking for services like Database-as-a-Service, Cache-as-a-Service and Queue-as-a-Service. In this talk, you will hear about how Codero Hosting is meeting the need for differentiated dedicated and cloud services by combining the power of CloudStack and CumuLogic.

Chandler Vaughn, Sr. VP Product, Codero Hosting Chip Childers, VP Product Strategy, CumuLogic MAKING THE MOVE FROM IAAS TO IAAS+

Quick Quiz Which AWS service was touted by Amazon in 2012 as having the fastest adoption rate for of any new service after its first 5 months? (hint: it wasn’t EC2) DynamoDB Source:

Key Term Definition IaaS+ Acronym 1. A combination of IaaS with additional application layer modular services (e.g.: DBaaS) in a cohesive suite of service offerings 2. IaaS plus all the other stuff that developers want

An Example IaaS (EC2, S3) + RDS + Dynamo + SQS = IaaS+

Why Do Developers Want These Services? • Modularity – Architectural choice! • Abstraction – Who actually wants to configure database backups themselves? • Shiny new tech – Yep, because developers like shiny objects.

DBaaS Market Opportunity $- $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 DBaaS Market Revenue & Forecast ($M) 100% Year over Year growth Enterprise Adoption: • 2013 - 32.6% using DBaaS • 2016 - 70% expected Source: 451 Research DBaaS is rapidly becoming expected and required by cloud users

Cloud and Hosting Spending by Application Type Source:

DBaaS Adoption Rationale Source: 451 Research Customers dealing with: • Application specific database proliferation • Massive growth in overall stored data • Increasing velocity of change in application layer • Challenges in operationally supporting new technologies DBaaS providers solve most of these challenges for users Departmental Apps Backup / Enterprise / Transactional Apps Analytics Additional Capacity Production Web Apps Dev / Test 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% DBaaS Adoption in 2013

What Does This Mean to Service Providers? • This is the new “bar” that public clouds are being measured against (VMs aren’t enough) • By offering these services, you’ll drive increases overall service consumption (data gravity is an amazing thing) • If you don’t do it, you might finding a shrinking addressable market (developers are finicky like that)


A Quick Introduction to Codero Hosting The Hybrid Cloud Company • Home to 4000 businesses • Patented On Demand Hybrid TM with a broad hybrid hosting Portfolio of Dedicated, Managed & Cloud • Focused on Rapid and Automated Deployment of Networks, Dedicated, and Cloud Services • Reliability & Performance with 24/7/365 U.S.-based support & Four SSAE16 data centers backed by industry- leading SLAs

IaaS is sooo 2009… • Surprise everyone… Virtualization doesn’t matter – Customers don’t care how they get IaaS… – It just needs to work (for customers AND for the provider) • The key is catering to the end users (duh…) – For cloud the sweet spots are: – Tech dependent Small to Medium Businesses – AND developers – This was true in 2009… it’s still true today

IaaS and IaaS+ Defining Characteristics • On-Demand Self-Service – Universal access • Subscription model – No CAPEX for the customer • Fast Time-to-Value – Rapid acquisition, use and deployment • Elasticity – For IaaS+, that really means ENABLING scale up and/or scale out

Databases Pose a Slurry of Unique Problems for Customers Management • What do I need to do for an install? • How do I manage users? • How do I configure parameters and tune? • What do I do for monitoring and patching? • What do I do for backups and restores? • Share nothing? • Share everything? Availability • How do I configure a standby? • What do I need to do to deploy replication? • What failover criteria and mechanisms do I rely on? Elasticity/Scaling • Do I scale up? - Simple but limited • Or, should I scale out? - Flexible but complicated • When???? Cost • Is scaling going to double or triple my costs? • Do I need special management tools? • Do I need special licenses to enable features? The problem is… Developers just want to code…

The Promise of IaaS+ (DBaaS in Particular) Is About Removing Massive Amounts of Complexity Typical Database Install • Provision infrastructure • Load database software • Configure database software • Load additional software • Configure additional software • Create and implement ongoing maintenance and upgrade procedures for all software • Get to Work DBaaS Install • Choose your flavor of database • Load database software • Configure database software • Load additional software • Configure additional software • Create and implement ongoing maintenance and upgrade procedures for all software • Get to Work As a service provider… this means increased IaaS usage on already Operationally Efficient Platforms

Codero Cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) • Single-click deployment • Elastic, available and simple database management! • Robust functionality for SQL and NoSQL use cases – Full compatibility with MySQL and MongoDB • Self-service management portal • No Humans Allowed – Hands-free philosophy – Operational aspects are built into the service • Built on the only On-Demand Hybrid CloudTM

Codero Cloud DBaaS (cont.) • Elastic resource usage • Expansive configuration options for database • Database management features included • Database API interface to service

IaaS is Only One Piece to the Puzzle… • Differentiation is a MUST. Public Clouds need higher-level IaaS+ services to compete (Anybody can get a slice of a computer these days) • If a Cloud makes a developer yawn (or cringe) there is a BIG a problem (Good Developers like simplicity and are lazy… make their life easy) • To create high-growth services, identify your ‘DynamoDB’ (Automated services like DBaaS, queuing, and caching are highly utilized and very, very sticky)

Resources • • THANK YOU!

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