Making successful business presentations in english

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Published on January 23, 2016

Author: Reallanguage


1. Elena Soria

2. We want to know who you are!!!!

3. •How to get ready •Tools for preparing •How to organize your ideas •Some useful expressions •Tips for delivering a great presentation •Hands on approach

4. Getting Ready

5. Know your audience vs.

6. How?

7. What do you need to know?

8. What do you need to know?

9. Prepare your Presentation

10. How? Mind mapping Brainstorming a list Writing down an outline

11. Mind Mapping

12. Brainstorming a list

13. Writing an outline

14. Hands on Aproach Read the Business Case Studies provided to you, and select the piece of information you want to use for a 5 minute-presentation. Jot down your ideas using: a) A mind map b) A list c) An outline You have 15 minutes

15. Organizing your Presentation

16. Parts of a Presentation Introduction Main Body Conclusion Q/A

17. Parts of the Introduction Opening Introducing yourself Involving your audience Stating your goals or objectives Explaining the plan of the presentation

18. Opening •“Hi everyone, thank you for coming” •“Shall we get started?” •“Let’s begin” •“Let’s get the ball rolling” (casual American English idiom) •“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming today” •“Good afternoon folks” •“Good morning everyone”

19. Introducing yourself and the theme “My name is ___________ and I work in the sales office in New York. I have been asked to come today to speak about intercultural communication.” “I am the marketing manager here at _______________ and I would like to speak about social media marketing today”. “I am a representative of _____________and I have come here today to speak about _______________”.

20. Involving your Audience “Perhaps you are already aware that…” “You may be wondering…” “Have you ever heard of…?” “How many of you know….?”

21. State your Goals “My goal today is to help you understand…” “Today I would like to communicate my opinion on…” “In this presentation I will show you how to…” “My objective today is to demonstrate…” “I have prepared this presentation to introduce…”

22. Explaining the Plan of your Presentation “First, I will present some simple vocabulary and definitions” “Then, I will explain…” “In the next section, I would like to show…” “Finally I am going to ask you to take part in a demonstration…”

23. The Body of your Presentation Giving examples Summarizing Call to action Inviting to questions and comments

24. Give an example “For instance” “To illustrate this” “For example” “To show you what I mean, let’s take a look at this example”

25. Summarizing a Main Point “As we have seen today” “To summarize what we have talked today” “Today I have discussed” “In conclusion” “To sum up”

26. Give a Call to Action “So, I’d like to suggest” “Based on the information that I have presented today, I propose” “Now that you know more about (topic), I encourage you to”

27. Invite your Audience to Ask Questions and Comments “At this point I would be happy to answer any questions” “What questions do you have?” “If there are any questions, feel free to ask now” Thank you very much for listening. Does anyone have a question or comment?” “Questions anyone?” (Casual)

28. Acting time!!!! Prepare your 5-minute presentation with your team, using what we have learned today!!! You have 20 minutes.

29. Some Tips

30. More tips

31. Body Language

32. Lastly

33. Now it is your turn!!! Your team will deliver the presentation to us. Take the stage: you are the ones. At the end, we will provide you with….. FEEDBACK!!!!!

34. This is it!!!!

35. Tel. 929 51 33 Cel. 044 449 110 43 03

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