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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: maggielmcg



Social media has become an integral part of most association's strategies across a number of departments. Staff time and resources are being dedicated to posting content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms, and to monitoring those sites. But how do you measure whether the time and effort dedicated to social media is having an impact on the bottom line? This presentation provides an overview of which metrics matter across the popular platforms, and offers resources about social media analytics.

1. Making sense of social media analytics Maggie McGary @maggielmcg

2. Do you do social media reports for your association each month?

3. What we’re going to cover: • Why social media analytics are important • How they can be challenging for associations • Tools for measuring social media • Overview of social media analytics • Q &A

4. Why Measure Social Media? • Data-driven is the new reality Infographic source: Domo

5. Even if you can’t measure all that data, measuring your own actions can: • Justify staff—current and future • Justify budget—or make a case for investment • Help show tie-in between social and other activities • Answer is what we’re doing working? If not, how can we improve? • Reveal when what had previously been working has changed

6. Start With Strategy…. (but which strategy?!)

7. Map Goals to Metrics • Web strategy goal: drive web traffic – Google analytics, click-throughs, social shares • Membership goal: increase membership/retention – CRM, engagement, campaigns • Meetings goal: increase attendance at events – Hashtag use, Instagram, mentions, screenshots • Product sales: Increase revenue from CE products – Campaigns, conversions

8. Tools: Free vs. Paid • Free tools – Cyfe – Hootsuite – Native platform analytics (GA, Twitter, FB, LI) – Excel/”bootleg Excel dashboard” • Paid tools – Simply Measured – Radian6 – Sprout Social

9. Facebook

10. Twitter

11. LinkedIn

12. Pinterest

13. Google Analytics

14. If you only read one thing:

15. Resources ( • Measuring the Networked Nonprofit (book) • Katie Paine’s Measurement blog • Measuring the ROI of social media (video/blog post) • Which Stats Matter: The Definitive Guide to Tracking Social Media Metrics • Leader Networks Engagement Score for Private Online Communities • 5 Tips for Using Your Private Online Community Data to Make Better Decisions • How to calculate the value of your social media campaign • Annielytics--great information and training on analytics and dashboard creation

16. Thank You!

17. Maggie McGary Senior Associate Strategic Communications Group @maggielmcg on Twitter

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