Making Mobile Meaningful NY 2013

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Information about Making Mobile Meaningful NY 2013

Published on May 2, 2013

Author: effectiveui



Watch the presentation on our YouTube channel:

Presented by Anthony Franco, president and founder

The art of creating mobile experiences that gain adoption and integrate with your digital ecosystem.

• How to develop a mobile strategy that integrates business, user and technology needs

• What mobile insights Forrester Research and EffectiveUI uncovered in their upcoming Technology Adoption Profile

• How to leverage your existing technology platforms for mobile development, while addressing security issues and other constraints

• What questions to ask and answer to arrive at the right mobile feature set for your users

• What other companies have done wrong, and right, to encourage mobile adoption

“Seriously, mobile is gonna be huge”Abraham Lincoln#effectiveui-mobile

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PERSUADERESPOND

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PERSUADERESPONDsellserve

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.sellFor MobileDevices, ThinkApps, Not AdsSunil GuptaMarketing Unit Head,Harvard Business SchoolBranded apps should:Add convenienceOffer unique valueProvide social valueOffer incentivesEntertain“Consumers don’t perceive appsas intrusive advertising – theyvalue them for theirfunctionality.”“branded experiences”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.sell “branded experiences”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.sell “branded experiences”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Branded apps should:Add convenienceOffer unique valueProvide social valueOffer incentivesEntertainSunil GuptaMarketing Unit Head,Harvard Business School“branded experiences”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.serve“utility apps”Alex KonradForbes WriterTech & AdvertisingThe SurprisingRetail Winner inMobile AppsUtility apps should be:UsefulUsableDesirable“The key to Walgreens’ and CVS’strong performance is that eachprovides an app with immediateactual utility.”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.serve“utility apps”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.serve“utility apps”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.“utility apps”Usefulnote:30% of all Dominos pizza ordersare now through digital channelsUsableDesirableAlex KonradForbes WriterTech & Advertising

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.“utility apps”30% Negative98% Positive“branded experiences”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.80% of branded apps are downloaded less than 1,000times1% achieve 1,000,000 downloads1/3 of apps in theiTunes app store do not have a single downloadThe Guardian, 11 July 2011:

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PERSUADERESPONDsellserveHarvard Business’ marketingprofessor had good intentions, butis giving brands bad guidance

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PERSUADEserve“To create great mobile experiences, companiesmust stop trying to persuade with apps andbegin providing great service.”RESPOND

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.providing great serviceIn most organizations, who is responsible for digitally?

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.I.T.

© 2013 EffectiveUI you know what the leaders ofthink of the job they are doing?58% think they are a good to excellent jobwhen they are asked to guess how theirpeers in the organization think I.T. is doingthat number drops to 44%Forrester Forrsights 2012Forrester Forrsights 2012

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.good to excellent jobworse, what do they generally consider a?on time,on budget,in scope

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.marketers think in terms of “customer”while I.T. thinks in terms of “user”at least

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.| yoozər|nounˈ ͞• a person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user: thedrug causes long-term brain damage in users | a heroinuser.• a person who manipulates others for personalgain: he was a gifted user of other people.user

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.“There are only two businessesthat call their customers ‘users.’Ron RogowskiForrester ResearchDrug dealers and Starbucks.”

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.user architecturearchitecturegovernancegovernancesupportsupportsecuritysecurityintegrationintegrationprocurementprocurementmaintenancemaintenanceFlashFlash iOSiOS HTML5HTML5legacylegacyJavaJavaCloudCloudAPIsAPIsmiddlewaremiddlewareBig DataBig DataCRMCRMCMSCMShardwarehardwaresoftwaresoftwaretechsupporttechsupportSunsettingSunsettingMicrosoftMicrosoft SAPSAP SalesforceSalesforceIBMIBMoutsourcingoutsourcingbugtrackibugtrackihostinhostininnovationinnovationexecutionexecutionstrategystrategycostcosteastereggseastereggsrepositoryrepositorybugtrackingbugtrackingAppleAppleI.T.

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.MODERNPLUMBINGwe, as technologists, are enthralled by our infrastructureall the while we ask our customers to drink from firehoses

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Define theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceIntegrateSolutionIntegrateSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefineRequirementsDefineRequirementsIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunitywhy do technologists define the interface last?their methodology is broken

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Define theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceIntegrateSolutionIntegrateSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefineRequirementsDefineRequirementsIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunity

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Define theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceIntegrateSolutionIntegrateSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefineRequirementsDefineRequirementsIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunityDefineCustomerOutcomesDefineCustomerOutcomes

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Build &IntegrateBuild &IntegrateSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefineCustomerOutcomesDefineCustomerOutcomesIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunitythe new order for creating digital experiences that serve

5 essentials for creating products that serve

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.every winning solution needs a mavenessential #1:

© 2013 EffectiveUI team empathy through insightessential #2:

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.•design persuasive creative,build versions and A/B testuntil something worksSell Tactics•build with empathy for yourcustomers behaviors andexpectationsService TacticsBig Idea Customer Insightbuild team empathy through insightessential #2:

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.everything is a prototypeessential #3:

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.DefineCustomerOutcomesDefineCustomerOutcomeseverything is a prototypeessential #3:

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.plan for iteration and evolutionessential #4:

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.stick to your businessessential #5:

5 things all mavens must be passionateabout

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Adaptiveinterfaces that serve customers must be

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.the system should learn the individual, not the other way around

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Beautifulinterfaces that serve customers must be

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.’nuff said

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Opaqueinterfaces that serve customers must be

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.people should not notice technology

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Intuitiveinterfaces that serve customers must be

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.understandable with little-to-no up-front training

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Approachableinterfaces that serve customers must be

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.obscure intimidating complexity

5 areas where companies see the largestROI

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.improving with empathy directlycorrelates to improving conversionsIncreased conversion rates

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.paper and ink, shipping, bandwidth, accurate data entryReduced hard costs

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.McAfee’s UI redesign saved them 90% in support costsReduced support costsHadley, 2004

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.our own internal research indicates that our intranetprojects at large enterprises which focus onimproving service to employees see at least a 50%decrease in wasted computer timeIncreased employee efficiency

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.a vast majority of “maintenance” costs are not bug fixesor system upgrades, but are actually attributed to havingto add unmet user needs after release.Reduced maintenance

a final note on us

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.craftsellMarketingengineerI.T.

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.topics I am moderately qualified to chat aboutUX MethodologiesUI DevelopmentResponsive DesignSteve Jobs3D PrintingEnterpriseCollaborationBad CreativeDirectorsiOSFlashAndroidWindows 8Hybrid AppsHTML 5Integration StrategiesQuestions?

© 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PandasScotch WhiskeyTwilightCanadiansNorth KoreaObama CareGood CreativeDirectorsAssembly LanguageQuantum PhysicsRocket ScienceFishing / HuntingCredit Default SwapsMechanical EngineeringFlower Arrangementtopics I am totally not qualified to chat aboutQuestions?

“You cannot escape theresponsibility of tomorrow byevading it today.”Abraham LincolnThank youAnthony FrancoPresident, Founder@anthonyfranco#effectiveui-mobile

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