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Information about Making HIPAA Happen StateViewpoint1201

Published on June 26, 2007

Author: Funtoon


Slide1:  MAKING HIPAA HAPPEN A State Viewpoint CMHS/CSAT TA Initiative December 12, 2001 Slide2:  Slide3:  Other Unimportant Places Slide4:  1987 Medicaid Coverage 1989 PASRR 1998 HIPAA '…and other duties to be assigned by the director.' A Personal History Slide5:  MHRH and Medicaid sound the alarm GACH concludes WIDESPREAD impact IMMEDIATELY establish top level statewide office to oversee all Bring players together, supply money, get consultants, get it DONE! YES!! HIPAA Slide6:  State effort on hold Medicaid agency has money but consumed with their own interests Other state agencies waiting for state level action while fervently praying that HIPAA goes away MHRH trying to cobble something together but still searching for answers. Well, Actually 'NO' Slide7:  And the simple fact, as you’ve heard over the last day or so, is that in many cases there ARE no answers to be found. Slide8:  At your service……but no one wants to hear about it!! Slide9:  Slide10:  REGISTERED NURSE    Assessment (minimum 1 1/2 hours) X0117 $ 119 per assessment Individual minimum 40-50 minute X0118 $ 60 per visit Individual minimum 15-20 minute X0119 $ 24 per visit Group minimum 40-50 minute X0120 $ 24 per client per visit Medication Group 90 min. X0345 $ 24 per client per visit   RN-CNS w/PRESCRIBING PRIVILEGES    Assessment (minimum 1 1/2 hours) X0416 $ 198 per assessment Individual minimum 40-50 minute X0417 $ 99 per visit Individual minimum 15-20 minute X0418 $ 38 per visit Group minimum 40-50 minute X0419 $ 39 per client per visit Medication Group 90 min. X0421 $ 39 per client per visit   Slide11:  Duhhhhhhhh… Slide12:  XIX agency does enterprise assessment and plans for remediation…..for THEMSELVES. No locks on anything, fax machines in public places, clients wandering around My secret password: repmert Security Slide13:  The Bad News You’ve got some problems. The Worse News You’re on your own!! Slide14:  The HIPAA Hippo Slide15:  Still Not TOO bad….. Slide16:  Think 'Titanic' Slide17:  HIPAA is NOT going away, although it has been pushed back a bit. It carries some REAL negative consequences if you don’t play ball. And THAT is where there’s some hope. Hope to be found Slide18:  And someday THIS guy… Slide19:  Is going to turn into this guy! Slide20:  Simple answers to tough questions like: 'Are we covered entities or aren’t we?' Or at least a way to GET simple answers. Tools: Checklists like those in the notebooks. Validation. How do we make the $ people believe? A way to tap Federal $ like XIX can. What Do States Need From The Feds? Slide21:  CMHS, CSAT, CSAP, DS200+, Block Grants, Infrastructure Process, TEDS, MHSIP, HIPAA need Clarity Coordination Cooperation Slide22:  Slide23:  Questions? Ron Tremper RI Dept MHRH

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