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Published on March 4, 2008

Author: donnajrowan


Slide1:  How Do We Compare ? Decision Time!?? Developed by Donna Rowan Slide2:  You need to decide…. Which vacation to take Which dress or suit to buy Which car you like Which boyfriend or girlfriend to date Slide3:  There are Three Ways to Compare in English. I: We use the COMPARATIVE to compare 2 things. John is FATTER THAN Jim. OR John is MORE SUCCESSFUL than Jim. II. We use the SUPERLATIVE to compare 1 item to 2+items. John is THE FATTEST MAN in the group. OR John is the MOST SUCCESSFUL man in the group. III. We use As…..As to compare two items equally. John is AS SUCCESSFUL AS Jim. OR John is AS FAT AS Jim. Slide4:  Now Let`s Take a Look at the Rules for Each of the Ways of Comparing. Slide5:  We are going to compare TWO Items. Slide6:  Everyday we need to make decisions. Housewives: decide what products to buy in the store. Bold is more effective than Ariel. Business people: make decisions about what company to work with or who to give the job to. Who would you hire? Why? Slide7:  We use adjectives to describe. Here are some adjective. Let´s make 2 groups. What is the difference in the 2 groups? Slide8:  Let´s take a look at two cars. What characteristics are you interested in? Are you interested in which car is faster? Are you interested in which car is more economical? Are you interested in which car is more elegant? Are you interested in which car is cheaper? Are you interested in which car is bigger? Can you identify the adjectives in these questions? Slide9:  LET´S LOOK AT THE COMPARATIVE STRUCTURE. WE HAVE 2 GROUPS OF ADJECTIVES. DO YOU REMEMBER THEM? Let´s look at the group of short adjectives. ADJECTIVE + er AND Than BIG= BIGGER than SMALL= SMALLER than CLEAN= CLEANER than A Blazer is bigger than a Volkwagon. A Fiat is smaller than a Cadillac. A new car is cleaner than an old car. Slide10:  Do you remember the multisyllabic adjectives? They are longer words that would be difficult to pronounce if we added more letter so what do you think we should do? THAT’S RIGHT. WE CAN’T CHANGE THE WORD. WE PUT ANOTHER WORD IN FRONT OF THE ADJECTIVE. THAT WORD IS MORE than. Remember SUPERCALAFRGILISTCEXPEALADOSHAS? Slide11:  MORE + LONG ADJECTIVE THAN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN MORE DURABLE THAN MORE ECONOMICAL THAN MORE ELEGANT THAN This is how we make comparatives with multisyllable adjectives. A VOLKSWAGAN IS MORE ECONOMICAL THAN A MERCEDES. A FORD IS MORE DURABLE THAN A PORCHE. A CHEVROLET IS MORE POPULAR THAN A FIAT A VOLKSWAGAN IS MORE ECONOMICAL THAN A MERCEDES. A FORD IS MORE DURABLE THAN A PORCHE. A CHEVROLET IS MORE POPULAR THAN A FIAT A VOLKSWAGAN IS MORE ECONOMICAL THAN A MERCEDES. A FORD IS MORE DURABLE THAN A PORCHE. A CHEVROLET IS MORE POPULAR THAN A FIAT Slide13:  Some Irregular Comparatives You Need to Remember GOOD = BETTER BAD = WORSE FAR = FARTHER/FURTHER Slide14:  NOW: Slide15:  Comparisions of Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagon Slide17:  Do you have any of these adjectives? FAST BEAUTIFUL CHEAP ECONOMICAL BIG DURABLE SAFE ELEGANT CLEAN MODERN What others do you have? Slide18:  Superlative Adjectives We use the SUPERLATIVE to Compare one Item to 2 or more. Slide19:  Remember : Separate the Long and Short Adjectives SHORT ADJECTIVES FORM SUPERLATIVE THE + ADJECTIVE+EST The biggest The happiest The smallest The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world. John is the happiest boy in the class. Susan has the smallest hands in her family. Slide20:  Here’s how we change the long adjectives to superlative The + MOST + Adjective The most beautiful The most economical The most popular Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman in the world. Walking is the most economical means of transportation. Brad Pitt is the most popular male actor this year. Slide21:  Here is a chart showing the SUPERLATIVE form : One Syllable Adjectives place 'the' before the adjective and add '-est' to end of the adjective (Note: double the final consonant if preceded by a vowel) Example: cheap - the cheapest / hot - the hottest / high - the highest Example Sentences : Today is the hottest day of the summer. This book is the cheapest I can find. Two, Three or More Syllable Adjectives place 'the most' before the adjective Example: interesting - the most interesting / difficult - the most difficult Example Sentences : London is the most expensive city in England. That is the most beautiful painting here. Two Syllable Adjectives Ending in '-y' place 'the' before the adjective and remove the 'y' from the adjective and add 'iest' Example: happy - the happiest / funny - the funniest Example Sentences : New York is the noisiest city in the USA. He is the most important person I know. Slide22:  COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES IRREGULAR COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES These adjectives have completely irregular comparative and superlative forms: Slide24:  Jupiter is the biggest planet. OR Jupiter has the biggest diameter. 2.Jupiter is the most distant from the sun. OR Jupiter is the longest distance from the sun. Mars has the longest day. OR Mars has the most hours in a day. 4. Jupiter has the most moons. Jupiter has the shortest day. OR Jupiter has the least hours in a day. Earth is the smallest planet. OR Earth has the smallest diameter. Earth is the least distant. OR Earth is the shortest distance. Earth has the least moons. 5. Earth has the warmest temperature. Jupiter has the coldest temperature. Slide25:  Robert Pershing Wadlow He was 8 feet 11 inches and weighed 490 pounds. Jeanne Louise Calment 122 Years old. Slide26:  Buying a Pet Are you interested in buying a pet?  What kind of pet should you buy?  If you want to play with the pet, buy a dog.  Dogs make wonderful pets.  They are affectionate and playful animals and they can even protect your house. If you want a quieter animal that will cuddle with you on the sofa while you watch TV, buy a cat.  Cats are clean animals and you don't need to take them out for a walk like you do for a dog. If you're allergic to animal hair or you live in a smaller place, try a small caged animal such as a hamster.  Hamsters are easy to care for and they won't wake the neighbors.  Mice and guinea pigs are other small caged animals that are very popular.  Birds also make great pets.  A bird cage can fit even in the smallest of apartments.  They can wake you up in the morning with their beautiful song.   Want a pet that requires very little care, is small, and is very quiet?  Try buying a fish.  Watching fish swim around in an aquarium is very relaxing. Pets can bring a lot of happiness into your life but remember that having a pet is a big responsibility.  Make sure that the pet fits into your lifestyle.  If you love and care for them, they will give you their affection in return.     example quiet  1. playful 2. small 3. relaxing 4. beautiful singers Slide27:  Write superlative sentences about the animals from the story. Write the pet names and the adjectives on a piece of paper. example quiet  1. playful 2. easy to care for 3. clean 4. beautiful singers Fish are the quietest pets. Dogs are THE MOST PLAYFUL pets. Cats are THE CLEANEST animals. DON’T REPEAT Birds are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL singers Hamsters are THE EASIEST TO CARE FOR pet. Slide28:  1.  What's the largest animal?            a) elephant            b) whale            c) giraffe 2.  What's the fastest animal?            a) elephant            b) horse            c) cheetah 3.  What's the largest fish?            a) shark            b) whale            c) cheetah   Slide29:  4.  What's the largest bird?            a) ostrich            b) condor            c) giraffe 5.  What's the tallest animal?            a) giraffe            b) elephant            c) ostrich Slide30:  We use AS……….AS when we are comparing two things that are equal and we can also use it to make SIMILES. Slide31:  How do we use Comparatives - As...As? The structure "" is used to compare things that are equal. For example: - Jennifer is 163cm and Tony is 163cm. Jennifer is as tall as Tony. - Bach's music is as good as Mozart's. "" can also be used in negatives and questions. For example: The Amazon isn't as long as the Nile. The second movie wasn't as good as the first. Is Japan as expensive as England? "" can also be used to show an extreme amount. The amount you eat is "equal" to the amount you want. - "Eat as much as you want." - Study as hard as possible. Slide32:  The blouse is ____________ grass. Her eyes are ____________ the sky. John is __________ Jim. The boys are ____________ the girls. John Jim USE AS…..AS as green as as blue as as tall as as smart as Slide33:  The night was 2. Her hateful eyes were 3. Without my glasses, I am 4. The sheets on the bed looked 5. The bicycle looks heavy, but it feels 6. Paragliding is about the closest one can get to being 7. My computer is very fast at times, and at other times it is 8. When I was a child, a man of seventy seemed to me to be 9. After using our body lotion, your skin is guaranteed to feel 10. The man acted so oddly that his neighbors considered him to be as black as coal. as cold as ice as blind as a bat. as light as a feather. as free as a bird. as slow as molasses. as old as the hills. as soft as silk. as nutty as a fruitcake. as white as snow. Slide35:  Q1 - It's better ____ I thought. 1. as 2. then 3. than 4. like Q2 - Brazil is _____ England. 1. biger than 2. bigger as 3. bigger than 4. biger as Q3 - She is _____ in the class 1. the best 2. best 3. better than 4. as good as Q4 - I'm not as successful ___ she is. 1. as 2. like 3. than 4. then Q5 - It was ______ expensive restaurant I've ever been to. 1. more 2. the more 3. most 4. the most Q6 - I'd like some ____ information. 1. farther 2. further 3. Either could be used here. Q7 - It's ____ art collection in Europe. 1. finer 2. finest 3. the finer 4. the finest Q8 - It was ____ than I was expecting. 1. cheaper 2. cheapest 3. Either could be used here. Q9 - This is the ______ kitchen I've ever seen. 1. dirtyest 2. dirtiest 3. Either could be used here. Q10 - Which is ____ of the two? 1. more difficult 2. most difficult 3. Either could be used here. Q11 - She finished ____ than everyone else. 1. more quickly 2. quicker 3. Either could be used here. Q12 - The underground is ____ buses. 1. more expensive 2. most expensive 3. the most expensive 4. more expensive than Q13 - The plane would be _____ than the coach. 1. more quickly 2. quicker 3. Either could be used here. Q14 - It was ____ test I have ever done. 1. the most hard 2. the hardest 3. Either could be used here. Q15 - There were ____ people at the game than expected. 1. most 2. more 3. many CAN YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? Slide36:  HERE ARE THE ANSWERS. How well did you do? Column One Q1. 3 Q2. 3 Q3. 1 Q4. 1 Q5. 4 Column Two Q 6. 3 Q7. 4 Q8. 1 Q9. 2 Q10. 1 Column Three Q11. 3 Q12. 4 Q13. 2 Q14. 2 Q15. 2

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