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Information about making classroom inclusive

Published on October 30, 2007

Author: Jeremiah


Nancy Dean & Diane Fairchild “Making the Classroom Inclusive” July 2, 2002 Treasure Island:  Nancy Dean & Diane Fairchild “Making the Classroom Inclusive” July 2, 2002 Treasure Island “A California Public Charter School” Accommodations:  Accommodations Changes in course content, teaching strategies, standards, test presentation, location, timing, scheduling, expectations, student responses, environmental structuring, and/or other attributes which provide access for a student/trainee with a disability to participate in a course or job. Accommodation Process::  Accommodation Process: Identify Discuss with Disability Team Write an Accommodation Plan Notify all service providers Monitor/Modify Plan as needed Inclusive Classrooms…:  Inclusive Classrooms… Diversity is valued and celebrated There is a sense of community in which everyone belongs There is an array of services Research based instructional strategies are used Staff members are collaborative Inclusive Philosophy…:  Inclusive Philosophy… If material is presented appropriately, all students can learn Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Meet your students where they are and take them where you want them to be… Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Discover a way to connect with each student – Build the relationship Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Teach to your students’ strengths or best learning styles Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Circulate around the room, touching base with all students often Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Provide frequent, clear, non-judgmental feedback Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Place feedback in “the big picture” Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Help your students set up realistic timelines Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Breakdown or “chunk” larger assignments into smaller parts Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Use a positive approach to discipline Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Tell students the purpose of each lesson Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Attempt to relate each activity or lesson to “real life” Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Provide partial outlines, study guides, and teach learning strategies Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Provide opportunities for each student to succeed Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Create an inclusive environment in your classroom Inclusive Strategies:  Inclusive Strategies Enjoy your students ! Slide23:  Look hard for moments to share laughter. Genuinely appreciate that your students are individuals worth knowing. It is not a common experience for them. They will always remember it. Preventing Burnout:  Preventing Burnout Recognize your reaction. Withhold your judgment. Look for ways to diffuse your feelings. Don’t take things personally. Keep your compassion, not your pity. Honor the work you do. Why We Keep Trying…:  Why We Keep Trying… When you cannot achieve academic goals, respectful interaction is even more crucial.

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