Making a Choice and Giving Reasons (Mistakes and Corrections for Module 1)

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Information about Making a Choice and Giving Reasons (Mistakes and Corrections for Module 1)

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: cindyjbj79



UPSR Paper 2, Section B
Information Transfer, Making a Choice and Giving Reasons
Mistakes and Corrections for Module 1 (

Making a Choice and Giving Reasons – Common Mistakes MODULE 1: CHOOSING A HANDBAG Cynthia C. James SK Kunak 2

Common Mistake 1: BAD HANDWRITING

BAD HANDWRITING 1 Please use an eraser to erase mistakes. Leave some spaces in between words! Please write ALL letters and words properly and legibly.

BAD HANDWRITING 2 I can’t read your handwriting! Can you see the lines in your book? Please use the lines as your guide.


USE OF LOWERCASE & UPPERCASE LETTERS 1 Use uppercase letters for proper nouns. The first word of a sentence must begin with a capital letter.

USE OF LOWERCASE & UPPERCASE LETTERS 2 This should be written in capital letter. Wrong use of apostrophe ‘s’. Never write capital letters for words in the middle of a sentence, unless it is a proper noun or an abbreviation. The first word for every sentence must begin with a capital letter. The ‘c’ looks like a capital ‘C’. Be careful. Form your letters properly.


USE OF PUNCTUATION MARKS 1 Uppercase or lowercase? Spell correctly: ‘cheap’ Don’t forget the fullstop! You should end every sentence with a fullstop.

USE OF PUNCTUATION MARKS 2 This should be in small letter. Wrong spelling: ‘first’ Form your letters properly. COMMAS!!! Don’t mix capital and small letters! Beginning of sentence – capital letter FULLSTOPS!!!


NO REASONS GIVEN 1 This is not a proper reason.

NO REASONS GIVEN 2 Wrong spelling! ‘my mother’ No reasons are given, only facts. You can’t get marks for this.

Common Mistake 5: WRONG SPELLING

WRONG SPELLING 1 ‘Handbag’ is a compound word. It should be spelt together, not separated.

WRONG SPELLING 2 Wrong spelling. This would cause you to lose mark. Structural error. Should be: ‘It is made of…”

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