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Published on December 6, 2010

Author: ed1001


Lessons from“Meet the Makers”

Contents• What was “Meet the Makers”?• Why “Making”?• 10 Themes• 10 Questions

What was “Meet the Makers”?• Held at MILK Studios- NY on December 3rd• 10 presenters on the theme of “Making” • Writers/Authors: Frank Rose (Wired) , Scott Belsky (Behance) • Bike Maker: Thomas Callahan (Horse Cycles) • Brand Consultants: Ashley Alsup, Mark Barden (Eat Big Fish) • Game Maker: Jim Wexler (BrandGames) • Content Maker: Sarah Rich (Longshot) • Designers and Managers: Josh Quittner (Time Inc) and D.W Pine (Time Magazine) • Catalysts: Gary Hirsch (OnYourFeet), Piers Fawkes (PSFK)

What was “Meet the Makers”?• A “lab for a day”• Hosted, curated and organized by BSSP and Influx Strategic Consulting

Why Making?• We are at a time in the communication industry where we need to do more than make ads or write press releases• There are many other things we need to make• The are new ways to make and new ideas we have to embrace like- failure, collaboration and risk• There’s new technology that helps make all this possible and gives us more things to make• Beyond the business- there’s a craft, passion and personal connection to “making” that we could all learn from

“The internet collapses all media.” Frank Rose

10 Themes• Concepts that relate to “Making” and suggest what might lead to or be the ingredients for COMMUNICATION that’s interesting and relevant, being made.• Not in any order or prioritized in any way

10 Themes

10 “Making” Themes Anticipation Transparency Audience Scale Authorship Making Passion Awareness Bravery Connection Collaboration

Audience• “The audience isn’t just an empty vessel.That’s the mistake the ad industry made.” Frank Rose• “ Control the story, tell the story, but leave room for the audience.” Frank Rose• “Games change with players actions” Jim Wexler

Audience• Maybe it’s better to think about audiences, rather than consumers- after all, we’ are now creating media• The audience plays a role in what you make • You are making things for them• You need them to help you make something effective• It’s a two-way relationship

Anticipation• Back in the C19th, people in NY asked people arriving off the boats from England what was happening in Dicken’s serialized novels. They wanted to know what had happened to the character. Frank Rose

Anticipation• People should be excited about what you are doing• They should be look forward to the next installment- the next thing coming from you• You can build ancipation through relationships• Stories can help do that• Think about serialization of an idea

Authorship• “The audience wants to know that the author knows where the story is heading.” Frank Rose• “ A game is not a puzzle, it has rules set by its maker”- Jim Wexler

Authorship• The audience wants to be led• It needs to know who the author is• It wants to believe the author has a plan and a direction for their story• In an era of consumer-control, it would be easy to give it up- but it’s important to recognize the balance that’s needed• Collaboration is exciting, but it needs discipline of authorship

Awareness• “ Companies today don’t understand how they are being evaluated. “ Ashley Alsup• “It takes people 30 years to learn the grammar of a new medium.” Frank Rose• “Collect your random thoughts and synthesize them into something meaningful. “ Scott Belsky• “Capure and record everything.” Scott Belsky

Awareness• You aren’t making things in a vacuum- they are responses to your audience and the things that matter to them• Without understanding who they are and what interests them- you couldn’t make anything that’s relevant• You have to know the context and be aware of what’s going on

Bravery• “If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you aren’t being transparent.” Ashley Alsup• “Making isn’t just about creating, it’s about making decisions.” Mark Barden• “We only had 40 days and 40 nights to develop Time for the iPad”- Josh Quitner and DW Pine (missed, but caught the need for Kindle mode)

Bravery• Making something is making a statement about who you are- artists constantly put themselves on the line• In a complex and changed world- it’s not always easy to get it right- you have to keep trying• Simply not doing something is often the easiest choice, but you’re never going to capture people’s imagination unless you make something• This means you are going to have to be brave and take risks

Collaboration• “The network economy should be the network of generosity.” Mark Barden• Engage in radical co-operation.” Ashley Alsup• “Telling the story in shards was the secret of Lost’s success.” Frank Rose

Collaboration• Sarah Rich’s Longshot- 1,500 collaborators- getting workspace to create in offices of other pubs

Collaboration• It’s easier than ever to work with others- technology makes this happen• More minds on the task can make it better- co- creation is possible• Opening youself up to your audience and getting contributions and ideas makes a lot of sense• Try to understand if you just have consumers or a network of potential collaborators and if you have consumers, how would you change them?

Connection• “We aren’t just hard-wired to faces, but to stories as well.” Frank Rose• “The power of Star Wars = The infinate details that storytellers can feast on.” Frank Rose• “Facebook fuels the timeless desire for attention, is this sort of a game?” Jim Wexler

Connection• “Interaction has no value in itself. Interaction must have a purpose.” Jim Wexler• “People come to watch me weld their bike”- Thomas Callahan• “Connection is the most fullfilling part of my job.” Thomas Callahan• “Always be a curator.” Scott Belsky

Connection• Stronger relationships are made through connections• What could you do to encourage greater connectivity between you and your audience?

Passion• “I want to feel happy and fullfilled” Thomas Callahan• “There’s a thrill in seeing your book arrive in physical form and getting reactions to it.” Scott Belsky

Passion• Making is a passionate endeavour• This passion has the power to be infectious to others• It constantly needs re-charging or it will fade away• How do you bring passion to everything you make?

Scale• “Wal-Mart is poised to become a bigger regulator than the FDA. “ Ashley Alsup

Scale• We aren’t all the same size• Small has the power to be bigger than it is by making something powerful• If you are bigger can really make a difference

Transparency• “Apple is ahead of the game, but one of the most protective.” Ashley Alsup• “You can find elements of the story everywhere.”- Frank Rose• “ Make the invisible, visible.” Ashley Alsup

Transparency• Opening up what was previously closed can change relationships for the better• It provides a connection point for engagement• It allows you to tell your real story, instead of hiding• You can crate streams of compelling content by being transparent

10 Questions for You

10 Questions for You• 1. Are you making work that makes you happy? Are you passionate about what you do?• 2. Are you aware of what’s going on in the world and constantly making the most of opportunities?• 3. Do you lead your audience to new places?

10 Questions for You• 4. Do you take risks with your communication that make you feel uncomfortable?• 5. Have you opened yourself up to your audience?• 6. Do you collaborate with outsiders to make better things?

10 Questions• 7. Do you leave room for your audience?• 8. What are you doing that gets your audience excited about?• 9. What are you doing to build stronger connections with your audience?• 10. Are you making the most of your size?

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