Makerspaces in Bibliotheken, OBA, 31 oktober 2016

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Information about Makerspaces in Bibliotheken, OBA, 31 oktober 2016

Published on October 31, 2016

Author: waaier


1. Makerspaces in Bibliotheken Educatie, innovatie en maakcultuur in de bibliotheek OBA, Amsterdam, 31 oktober 2016

2. ★ Projectmanager innovatie Bibliotheekservice Fryslân ★ Voorzitter Stichting FabLab Benelux ★ Wielrenner en muziekliefhebber @jtdeboer @frysklab @fablab Over mij

3. Boek: ★ Theresa Willingham, Jeroen de Boer: Makerspaces in Libraries

4. Bibliotheeklab? Makerspaces of FabLabs zijn creatieve doe-het-zelf ruimten waar mensen kunnen samenkomen om te creëren, uit te vinden en te leren. In bibliotheken hebben ze vaak de beschikking over 3D- printers, software, hardware, elektronica, ambachtelijke gereedschappen en nog veel meer.

5. Het begint met inspiratie

6. Lawrence Lessig “The importance is that technique has been democratized. These tools of creativity have become tools of speech. It is a literacy for this generation. This is how our kids speak. It is how our kids think. It is what your kids are as they increasingly understand digital technologies and their relationship to themselves.”


8. Cory Doctorow “Damn right libraries shouldn’t be book-lined Internet cafes. They should be book-lined, computer- filled information-dojos where communities come together to teach each other black-belt information literacy, where initiates work alongside noviates to show them how to master the tools of the networked age from the bare metal up.”

9. David Lankes “The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities”

10. Doug Belshaw “My belief is that the concept of 'remix' is at the heart of digital literacies.” Doug Belshaw, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies:

11. Doug Belshaw, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies, TEDxWarwick:

12. Doug Belshaw, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies, TEDxWarwick:

13. FryskLab: mobiel BibliotheekFabLab



16. The Public Library as a Community Hub for Connected Learning NYGREN, Åke (2014) The Public Library as a Community Hub for Connected Learning. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2014 - Lyon - Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge

17. Hoe?

18. 2D Programmeren3D Maken Electronica 21st Century Skills / digitale geletterdheid EDUCATIEF AANBOD VOOR SCHOLEN FryskLab

19. Fab the Library! Methode om FabLab of daaraan gerelateerde diensten in het productportfolio van de bibliotheek op te nemen

20. Fab the Library! Drie modules: 1. Introductie 2. Hands-on 3. Strategie

21. MediawijzerMakers & Makerboxes*: Uitpakken van digitale geletterdheid Cultureel (Makerbox 1) Cognitief (Makerbox 2) Constructief (Makerbox 3) Communicatief (Makerbox 4) Vertrouwd (Makerbox 5) Creatief (Makerbox 6) Kritisch (Makerbox 7) Maatschappelijk (Makerbox 8) * een concept van Ake Nygren:

22. (Een greep uit de) nieuwe allianties

23. FryskLab MakerTour2015

24. Voorbeelden van mooie bibliotheeklabs

25. My Makerboxes (SWE)

26. FabLab Zeeland (NED)

27. FabLab Bibliotheek Veenendaal (NED)

28. Helsinki Library Makerspace (FIN)

29. Coding Pirates (DEN)

30. The Waiting Room (UK)

31. Common Libraries Makerboxes (UK)

32. Netwerk

33. Task Force Public Libraries

34. Aims of Task Force Public Libraries The Task Force set out to develop a basis for establishing a sustained and productive relationship between Europeana and Europe’s rapidly evolving public libraries – especially in the digital field - building on the work done in Europeana Awareness and taking into account the conclusions reached in the evaluation of that work. In particular, the Task Force has noted that Europeana HQ supports the role of this institutional sector but does not consider itself resourced to prioritise specific actions on its behalf. Task Force Public Libraries

35. Task Force Public Libraries Key aspects of the research conducted by the Task Force have addressed how to: ★ Exploit the growing trend toward the provision of creative Makerspaces, Media labs and similar ‘doer’ initiatives in public libraries fo creative re-use of Europeana and other digital content, leading to coordination of a proposal for a network initiative to the Creative Europe programme in Autumn 2016; ★ Nurture the pervasive and widespread coverage of Europe’s 50,000 public libraries to increase representation in Europeana of locali throughout Europe, by improving the delivery of metadata from smaller local cultural institutions and through ongoing thematic collection of User Generated Content. This will build on previous work in projects such as Europeana Local, LoCloud and Europeana Awareness; ★ Design and deliver affordable tools and applications for public libraries to achieve the above and how an infrastructure can be create their reliable maintenance, building on several strands of existing work; ★ Establish a fit-for-purpose coordination and governance model for the continuation of the library network established in Europeana Awareness in order to achieve the above goals.

36. European Public Library Makerspaces Survey ★ Italy ★ Latvia ★ Netherlands ★ Norway ★ Portugal ★ Romania ★ Slovenia ★ Spain ★ Sweden ★ United Kingdom Respons van 199 openbare bibliotheken met Makerspaces: ★ Belgium ★ Bosnia & Herzegovina ★ Czech Republic ★ Denmark ★ Estonia ★ Finland ★ FYR of Macedonia ★ Germany ★ Greece ★ Iceland ★ Ireland

37. Leestips: ★ John Burke: Makerspaces: A Practical Guide for Librarians ★ Chris Anderson: Makers ★ Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager: Invent to Learn ★ Cory Doctorow: Makers

38. Vragen, opmerkingen? Jeroen de Boer Project manager Innovation @ Bibliotheekservice Fryslân Chairman @ FabLab Benelux Foundation

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