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Published on November 23, 2017

Author: hotmailserviceuk


Make outlook works: Make outlook works better with enhanced features Slide 2: E-mail has always been the most relevant mediums for communication. Whether it is personal or official everyone needs a platform that could enable then enhanced mail services. To this hotmail is the best and most widely used. Hotmail better known as outlook is extremely important because it claims to provide flawless, fast, as well as secured mail services for all its users. this makes sure that user on hotmail are less likely to face any issues but still if in case problem arises it is possible to obtain easy Hotmail support from Hotmail Support Number for any issue. Hotmail Helpline Number: Hotmail Helpline Number Outlook has been working to bring the most enhanced features to its platform. It accepts innovation and rightly brings those updates to its platform. Outlook email platform has made significant upgrades this time. All these updates have made outlook a better platform. The new Inbox is cleaner and brighter. All these features has made outlook a better experience altogether. With this outlook has rightly focused in providing the latest features that has made organizing better and enhanced on mailing platform. These organizing tips that are big time savers and must be surely be used by all outlook users. Some of these organizing tools are:-: Some of these organizing tools are:- With outlook now users may easily delete, find or move items from a specific sender. It is possible to select them all and delete it altogether or move it altogether. Outlook now supports select all features that provides user an ability to select everything from a particular folder and take necessary action from it just select it and click on delete to quickly delete it. Slide 5: You may use sweep feature as well that is specialized features which let take actions right by same place. With this one can manage email from a particular sender in the inbox itself. Outlook also let you quickly categorize emails by adding one own rules. This rules you may also apply to future and past emails and so that outlook can take its own actions for other emails. 2. The quick steps of outlook :-: 2. The quick steps of outlook :- The quick steps are quite easy to use once users get familiar with them. They are amazing feature of Outlook that let you take multi-step action right from one place. These actions may include moving emails to a specific folder, marking emails as read, forwarding email to group of people and flagging it at the same time. It eliminates the need of multiple actions making the work short. As it eliminate the need of performing repetitive tasks with multiple actions. Most importantly it is customized as well because outlook let you create your own Quick Step actions which you can use and apply later in your outlook mail inbox. Hotmail Customer Service Number : Hotmail Customer Service Number It is sure that with these easy steps one can get the most enhanced outlook experience. With these few tips one can organize their outlook mail a better way. All these features are easy but if you face any problem using or applying them in your daily outlook usage you may get easy help from

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