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Published on September 19, 2016

Author: amruthatechnologies


1. We build brands, you bag orders!

2. “Make an Announcement” on Valve Solutions Linkedin Group Want to promote your Products, Events, Webinar, Job Openings? Want bulk downloads for your Whitepapers/Market Research? Reach 8000+ Global Valve MFG’s, Buyers, Professionals

3. Key Salient Features of Valve Solutions Linkedin Group • 8000+ Members across manufacturers of Valves, Controls, Automation, EPC Consultants, Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemicals. • Member profile includes Owners, VP/C Level, Senior Management, Buyers, Engineers across above verticals. • 61% are from MFG’s of Valves, Controls, Automation industry 29% are from EPC Consultants, Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemicals, Mining • Member locations from across the world, 50% USA, 20% EU, 30%Others • Major concentrations in international cities include 6% Houston, 7%China, 3%Milan 3% UAE 4% Mumbai 3% Malaysia

4. Why not just post on Linkedin Groups? Linkedin has stopped promotional posts in groups and mark them as spam by default. Only paid sponsored posts can give you these kind of results going ahead.

5. Don’t believe me? See for your self. Marketers are not telling their Clients about the ban on promotional posts!!!

6. An announcement is a text email with link sent over Linkedin secure network which by defualt goes to the official email inbox of all group members. Also appears as a legit post in the group for discussions. What is an Announcement? Only Group Owners can Send an Announcement

7. Screenshot of an Announcement in Linkedin group Group members will see the announcement as a post from the group owner. The complete text will be displayed along with hyperlinks. In the Annual membership plan each S.A will feature as an independent post as shown above in addition to the combined post as seen in the next slide.

8. Screenshot of a Shared Announcement members will see as Email When a user Clicks on the links above it goes directly to your landing page. User does not need to sign in to Linkedin like when he views weekly/monthly group digest in his email. S.A.1 S.A.2 In Annual membership plan your (S.A)s will appear in top 2 slots. All emails received by the user will be from

9. Measure Real Time Analytics of every S.A. Link With Bitly shortened links you can measure real time analytics of each and every S.A. you make with us, so you are assured of guaranteed delivery.

10. Why the Announcement works? • Send an Instant Email to 8000+ Global members registered Email Inbox, instantly drive Qualified leads to your page from your target audience. • Only Solution that validates and converts Linkedin contacts into a Qualified Leadgeneration Email Marketing Campign with highest ROI • On clicking the Send button an Instant Email is sent over Linkedin secure network with a guaranteed delivery within minutes in every members Inbox. • With bitly shortened links you can view real time analytics and measure metrics for every shared announcement you make with us.

11. How to make a Shared Announcement? 1. Make a purchase Online through Paypal or Instamojo payment gateway. All major credit cards and Net Banking accepted. 2. Email us at along with your payment details, 15 word text and bitly shortened link to your page. 3. Once we schedule your S.A we will inform you of the same. 4. You can measure and monitor real time analytics of your S.A across metrics

12. Valve Solutions Linkedin Group Statistics Manager 28% Entry Level 21% Senior Mgr 19% VP 8% Director 7% Owner 6%

13. Valve Solutions Linkedin Group Statistics China 7% Houston 6% Mumbai 4% UAE 3% Milan 3% Chennai 2%

14. Snapshot of few Valve Solutions Group Members

15. Snapshot of few Valve Solutions Group Members

16. Snapshot of few Valve Solutions Group Members

17. Snapshot of few Valve Solutions Group Members

18. Credibility and Trust Valve Solutions were winners of emerging startup in B2B Digital Space in 2012

19. Want to see the real time analytics of a S.A. we recently made? We believe you should be convinced about spending your dollars, expectations of ROI, Results etc. Hence to make it easier for you to convince your management. We have put together a slide presentation. Kindly view the Results and Analytics Slide presenation below. Results are for an old post which has already been in circulation. For new articles results could far exceed those shown.

20. VALVE SOLUTIONS For more details visit us at VALVE SOLUTIONS is owned by AMRUTHA TECHNOLOGIES

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