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Published on October 2, 2014

Author: ssspook





2. Definition: A record label that is not funded by outside organisation or major record labels. A lot of artists and bands are signed by independent label and work their way up. CASE STUDY: LANTERN ON THE LAKES Lanterns On The Lake are a five-piece indie rock band from Newcastle. They started of creating their own music, self releasing two EPs and a single. After this, they were signed to Bella Union-an independent record label. They are able to use social media such as Instagram to promote their music. However, because they’re independent they are not largely funded so they are not known world wide. Usually indie artists are signed in an independent label as they care more about their music than they’re image (which a major record label focuses on). Through social media they are able to stay close and connected to their fan. They also have their own official website where they sell souvenirs such as Vinyl Record and T-shirsts Also, on their website you are able to legally download their music. The advantage of signing to a record label is that they have much more control of their music but they can not afford to make a music video like a major record can.

3. Definition: includes large companies such as Sony, Universal, and Capitol Records. They have a lot of money compared to independent labels therefore are able to properly fund their artist/band making them worldwide. CASE STUDY: ONE DIRECTION They became famous through X Factor despite not winning as they were very popular. They are signed by Syco and Colombia. They’re genre of music is Pop therefore their target audience is mainly young girls aged 10-13. They have a music store for the viewers to purchase their music. They have a lot of souvenirs to sell, e.g. clothing, bag, jewellery, posters, toys etc. Since they are funded by a large company, they are able to tour around the world and able to market their music more. However, they do not earn the total amount of music they make since most of the money goes to the record company. Also, they are not able to express themselves freely as they’re image and personality is created by the record company.

4. After research the advantage and disadvantage of both record labels, I have came to my decision on what I would like the artist on my music video to be… RECORD LABEL INDEPENDENT LABEL

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