Major disorders

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Information about Major disorders

Published on February 28, 2008

Author: Diana


Major Disorders:  Major Disorders Mood Disorders:  Mood Disorders Disorders in which individuals experience swings in their emotional states that are extreme and prolonged Mood Disorders:  Mood Disorders Depression Mania Bipolar Anxiety Disorders:  Anxiety Disorders Disorders that take several different forms, but which are all related to a generalized feeling of anxiety Anxiety Disorders:  Anxiety Disorders Panic Attack Phobias Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Dissociative Disorders:  Dissociative Disorders Disorders in which there is a prolonged loss of memory or identity Dissociative Disorders:  Dissociative Disorders Dissociative Amnesia Dissociative Fugue Dissociative Identity Disorder (AKA- Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD) Personality Disorders:  Personality Disorders A Group of disorders regarded as long standing, inflexible, and maladaptive traits that impair social and occupational functioning, but not contact with reality Personality Disorders:  Personality Disorders Specific Personality Disorders Paranoid Schizoid Schizotypal Borderline Histrionic Antisocial Personality Schizophrenia:  Schizophrenia Complex disorder that may be categorized as a cluster of various disorders. Individuals may experience various degrees of fragmentation in their live. Types of Schizophrenia:  Types of Schizophrenia Type I Characterized by positive symptoms Delusions (grandeur,persecution, control) Hallucinations Disorganized thought-behavior Type II Characterized by negative symptoms Flat affect Avolition Alogia Somatoform Disorders:  Somatoform Disorders Disorders in which individuals have symptoms typically associated with physical conditions, but for which no physiological basis can be found Somatoform Disorders:  Somatoform Disorders Somatization Disorder Hypochondriasis Conversion Disorder

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