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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: bubut123



SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE VIEWPOINTS: SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE VIEWPOINTS What work is involved?: What work is involved? Perception : Primarily incorporating changes, optimizing performance, and fixing bugs in new versions and releases of the product. Reality: While changes and fixes are performed, at least half the work involves other activities like sustaining engineering and field, user, and product support. © Bubu Tripathy Who does the work?: Who does the work? Perception : Teams made up primarily of junior engineers and coders with less than five years of experience. Reality: Teams with at least half the workforce being senior and experienced. © Bubu Tripathy When is the work done?: When is the work done? Perception : After the product is delivered. Reality: During both development (for increments) and post-delivery. © Bubu Tripathy Where is the work performed?: Where is the work performed? Perception : At a maintenance facility that replicates the development site (same tools, equipment, etc.) or at the operational site (both patches and updates ) Reality: At a maintenance facility that provides more capability than the development site (real equipment, users in the loop, etc.); patches are made at the operational site. © Bubu Tripathy What activities are typically performed during maintenance?: What activities are typically performed during maintenance? Perception : Requirements analysis, design, reengineering, coding, and testing. Reality: As much as 60 percent of the work involves testing; requirements analysis, reengineering, and other tasks consume the remainder. © Bubu Tripathy What are the primary drivers?: What are the primary drivers? Perception : New functions and features required by users. Reality: Backlog of new requirements and bug fixes. © Bubu Tripathy How do you measure success?: How do you measure success? Perception : Deliver a quality release or version that performs as intended on time and within budget. Reality: Deliver a release or version that performs at least as well as that which it replaces after modifications have been made to it. © Bubu Tripathy Major Maintenance Activities: Major Maintenance Activities Maintenance actions to prepare block releases. Sustaining engineering actions to maintain the tooling, test suites, facilities, and equipment (including licenses) to facilitate completion of maintenance actions. Support actions required to staff and manage call centers and help desks, handle websites, and provide user training and support. Support actions necessary to provide satisfactory levels of product and field support. Change and configuration and distribution management actions required to maintain configuration integrity of software configurations released to the field. Quality assurance actions required to ensure approved processes were used and appropriate rework was accomplished. Testing to validate that any changes made to the fielded code functioned and performed properly under operational conditions. Testing to validate that the operational code interoperated and performed as expected when linked with other systems via various networking configurations. Acquisition management to ensure that suppliers (commercial off-the-shelf [COTS] package vendors, contractors, etc.) were making suitable progress and that their products were up to standards. © Bubu Tripathy

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