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Published on February 3, 2008

Author: mainenaturediary



Test your Maine geology and geography knowledge. Answers are provided on slide 21.

Test your Maine geology and geography! (You might need your Maine Atlas and Gazetteer.)

This granite cliff is found on the east side of Sand Beach in Maine’s only national park (as of 2008). Name this park and the island the park is located on.

This granite mountain (named after a car) was formed by volcanic magma which pushed upward through older rock. Name this mountain.

These granite blocks are being mechanically broken down by the ice. Name this geologic process.

This white quartz intrusion through grey granite is an example of which major type of rock; is it igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic?

Dark basalt dike intruding on granite. Both types of rock are formed from molten ____.

Name this famous landmark in Acadia National Park. The water rushes in, hits the granite dead-end and shoots high up into the air.

This sand is unusual in Maine as it is made primarily of calcium carbonate from____. Name this beach on the east side of Mount Desert Island.

This rock is 400 million years old and is a freestanding stack of layered silt and sandstone. It can be seen from a walkway along the shore of the town of _____ on the east side of Mount Desert Island.

What major type of rock is this with the layered silt and sandstone? Igneous / sedimentary / metamorphic?

This is the Swift River running through this popular canyon near the town of Byron. Name this canyon.

The canyon walls show rock that is situated vertically. If normal sedimentation occurs horizontally, what geologic event might cause this vertical orientation to occur?

This rock is eroded from the Perry Mountain formation which was deposited as mud during the Silurian time. Over millions of years, the sedimentary rock has changed form to become mica schist (flat minerals aligned in sheets). What processes would have caused the layers of mud to compress and form sheets of mineral crystals?

Gee...what is causing the erosion of the rock in the river bed?

What causes the grey granite boulders, lining the bank of the Swift River, to be rounded?

These (1-2 inch long) cobbles of rock are found on Jasper Beach, at Howard Cove, south of ______. These cobbles of rhyolite, basalt and granite all have their origins as volcanic rock.

These 1/2 cm long pebbles are found on the beach at Squaw Point on a cape south of Stockton Springs. Name the cape.__________.

This sand is mostly composed of glassy-looking quartz, creamy yellowish feldspar, tiny bits of granite. Name this beach which is part of one big amusement park south of Portland.

The sand at this beach is mostly composed of white quartz, basalt, a tiny bit of feldspar, and some olivine thrown into the mix. This beach curves around the southern side of Cape Neddick (near Nubble Light). Name this beach and the town it is found in.

This sand is found on the only beach of its kind in Maine. The sand is mostly composed of shell fragments and tiny sea urchin spines. Name this beach on Mount Desert Island.

Answers • Slide 2: Acadia National Park, Mt Desert Is. • Slide 11: Coos Canyon • Slide 3: Cadillac Mountain • Slide 12: Uplift / mountain building • Slide 4: Weathering • Slide 13: Heat and pressure • Slide 5: Igneous • Slide 14: Water washing over the rocks • Slide 6: Magma • Slide 15: Water erodes the rough edges over time • Slide 7: Thunder Hole • Slide 16: Machiasport • Slide 8: Shells, Sand Beach • Slide 17: Cape Jellison • Slide 9: Bar Harbor • Slide 18: Orchard Beach • Slide 10: Sedimentary Rock • Slide 19: Long Beach, Town of York Beach • Slide 20: Sand Beach

The End. • All photos were taken by, and are the property of Laurie Haines. • Sand photo numbers 17-20 were taken with a 17- 40 mm lens with a 36 mm extension tube. • If I have made errors on any of the slides, please let me know as I am not a geologist.

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