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Published on January 14, 2008

Author: Donato


HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS AS A DEAF PUPIL IN A MAINSTREAM SECONDARY SCHOOL:  HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS AS A DEAF PUPIL IN A MAINSTREAM SECONDARY SCHOOL SENIOR PUPILS FROM DINGWALL ACADEMY Welcome to Dingwall Academy:  Welcome to Dingwall Academy “All young people should find their learning challenging, enjoyable and motivating.” Is it possible? :  Is it possible? My Life:  My Life My family and I come from Denmark We have lived in Scotland for 7 years My first sign language was Danish I had to learn English and BSL I had to learn to speak English Ms Tullis and my brother Harald Slide6:  Art SG 2 PE SG 4 Geog SG 4 Science SG 5 Admin SG 5 Maths SG 6 English Acc 2 Pass Slide7:  English is my 4th language I work with Mrs MacIver in Deaf base English Access course has 3 parts: Literary study Language study Personal study Slide9:  You meet other deaf pupils Live English with Mrs Kraft- Support from teacher who signs pshe:  pshe Deaf Awareness to S1 classes Run Fun Day “Learn to Sign” Sharing my experiences with others Thank you Thank you:  Thank you Thank you How I achieve success atDingwall Academy as a Deaf pupil.:  How I achieve success atDingwall Academy as a Deaf pupil. Monica Foster Monica foster My Life:  My Life I became deaf when I was 3. Attended Dingwall Primary School (P1-P7) then Dingwall Academy. Join in different after school clubs Start horse riding age 5 years old. I enjoy dancing. I am a Prefect. SG Results:  SG Results Art – SG 3 H.E – SG 3 Science –SG 3 Admin – SG 4 Geography – SG 4 Maths – SG 5 English – Access 2 -pass Deaf Studies:  Deaf Studies SQA course Three parts – Deaf Awareness Introduction to BSL BSL S5/S6 pupils – hearing - deaf Mrs Kinsman/Ms Fergusson/Mrs Murray Improve communication Prefect:  Prefect Responsible to Mrs Cormack, Depute Rector (S5-S6) I have special tie and badge. We help through the school Prefect Duties:  Prefect Duties Help pupils at intervals Support primary children Other jobs from Mrs Cormack or any other Deputy head. Buddy:  Buddy Support S1 deaf girl. Teaching simple sign language. Help other Deaf pupils in the school. Thank you thank you:  Thank you thank you Slide21:  Geography Int 2 A Art SG 1 Biology 1 Graphic 1 Maths 2 English 3 French 3 PE 4 Slide22:  There are different kinds of support available: Signer Note taker Or Lip read from the teacher Use of radio aid Or a mixture of above Slide23:  These are my main signers for 5th year: Ms Fergusson - English + Maths + Tutorials Mrs Kinsman - Graphic (Biology/English) Mrs MacIver - Biology + Tutorial Trust them Know me Can relax Slide24:  I find having someone note taking for me very useful, especially in English, because: My English teacher talks very fast If I write it myself I will easily miss out information while I’m writing I find difficult to write notes fast. I cannot lipread and take notes at the same time. Information for Mainstream teachers:  Information for Mainstream teachers All my teachers received a Personal Learning Style About myself and my deafness My seat position – 2nd to 3rd row and to be sit beside friends who is likely can sign Any exams will take place in the deaf base Slide27:  Thank you

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