Mail chimp Integration with AEM

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Information about Mail chimp Integration with AEM

Published on July 6, 2016

Author: JatinGupta39


1. MailChimp Integration with AEM Jatin Gupta (AEM Consultant)

2. Agenda  Introduction  Email Marketing in AEM  Existing Flow of Email Marketing in AEM  Disadvantages of current Architecture  Better approach to AEM’s current Email Marketing – MailChimp and its Introduction  MailChimp as One Man Army and its features  Integration of MailChimp with AEM  MailChimp API and Its Working  References

3. Introduction Email Marketing is  Directly marketing a commercial message to group of people using email.  Can be used to sends ads, request business or brand/product awareness.  Building customer loyalty, acquiring new customers or convince existing customer and increased sales.

4. Where Email Marketing being Used 1. Have you lately received an email from your favorite ecommerce site promoting an exciting offer that prompted you to take action. 2. Do you receive emails from online sources you might have subscribed to (like blogs, notifications) about latest content, offers, etc. ?

5. Email Marketing in AEM In AEM, email marketing is done through Newsletters. It’s a part of Campaign management. Once created, you can send newsletter to specific group of users either immediately or at schedule time. You can also add the new content or modify the existing content.

6. Existing Flow of Email Marketing in AEM Send a newsletter to Leads in 5 simple steps:  Configure Email Service “Day CQ Mail Service”.  Create a Newsletter (Use Geometrixx Newsletter Template or create a new one.)  Add content to Newsletter or modify the existing content.  Open the settings and associate with the list.  Publish the newsletter and its assets.  And finally Send the newsletter to leads in the list associated with the same.

7. 3,4 1 2 Activate the Newsletter 5 6 3,4

8. Disadvantages in the existing architecture  Performance issues when number of leads increases in terms of managing those leads.  Additional overhead of sending email.


10. MailChimp Features  Interface to create Campaign, List  Predefined Templates  Advanced analytics to grow your business  Drag and Drop support for Campaign content creation  Advance feature for including segments with Campaigns  Comprehensive mobile Options that go with you  Flexible API documentation  Sending/scheduling emails

11. MailChimp Integration With AEM List Creation Lead Creation Campaign/Newsletter Creation Exporting the Newsletter to MailChimp Send Newsletter

12. List Creation  Navigate to  Create a MailChimp account  Go to List Tab and click on “Create List”  Enter the required information and click on “Save” Fill List form & Click Save

13. Fetching MailChimp List in AEM  Navigate to http://localhost:4502/miscadmin  Under Tools -> Cloud Services Configuration, select MailChimp and Click on “New”  Select MailChimp Template and click on “Create”  Open the config page and configure the config page as per the MailChimp Account details Via Importer Marketing User AEM MailChimp Config Pages Cloud Service Pages

14. Lead Creation  Configure the MailChimp Cloud Service on the page  Drag and Drop the Subscribe-MailChimp Component  End user selects the list  Click on Subscribe. End User AEM

15. Newsletter Creation , Exporting & Sending  Navigate to http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr  Create a entry in “Day CQ Link Externalizer” in Domains property (mailchimp:<public-DNS-publish-AEM-instance>)  Create a page under Websites -> Campaigns using “MailChimp Newsletter” template  Add the content as per your requirement  Open “Settings” Tab and configure the fields and cloud service  Activate the page and its assets.  Click On “Export Newsletter to MailChimp” tab  To send the Newsletter, click on “Send”

16. Marketing Author Newsletter Creation , Exporting & Sending……… Newsletters Newsletters AEM

17. MailChimp API Key Points:  Latest version 3.0  Based on REST  Support HTTP Basic-Auth and OAuth2 authentication Method  Define Actions, Resources like Subscribers, Campaigns  Supported Format JSON  Based on HTTPS protocol  Supports pagination mailchimp-api-3/

18. Http Basic Auth  Widely used protocol for simple username/password authentication.  Easiest authentication method and east to Implement  Safe over secure SSL/HTTPS connection  Examples: Jive, Mail Chimp, Chargify

19. Under the hood for (3): Header: Authorization Basic {TOKEN} Where {TOKEN} is Base64(username + ‘:’ + password)

20. 3 Simple Steps to Implement Basic Auth 1. Create username and password 2. Encode the <username>:<password> string using base64 3. Add the authorization header with value as Basic <Value generated from step2> Note: For each request to third party API we need to include the authorization header

21. Advantages:  Safe over HTTPS/SSL  Easier to implement Several Problems and Limitations:  App can store the user’s credentials  Apps get the complete access to your account  User can’t revoke access to an app except by changing their password  Compromised apps can expose the User’s credentials

22. Subscribe A user to a list using CURL…

23. References   et-started-with-mailchimp-api-3/

24. Contact me at: For any Questions or Codebase ?

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