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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: pitneybowes



Congress empowers the United States Postal Inspection Service to "investigate postal offenses and civil matters relating to the Postal Service." Learn what the Postal Inspection Service does, what you can learn from them about being “prepared,” and when you should contact them.


YOUR PRESENTER Inspector Morris is currently an Assistant Inspector in Charge with the Miami Division, assigned to the Tampa Field Office. He received an appointment to the US Postal Inspection Service in 1995. His area of responsibility encompasses the Northern and Middle Judicial Districts of Florida as well as the Middle and Southern Districts of Georgia. Within this vast area of territory, he is responsible for seven Postal Inspection Service domiciles consisting of a total of approximately 45 Inspectors. They investigate a variety of criminal investigations to include, Mail Theft, Bank Fraud, Identity Theft, Narcotics, Mail Fraud, Mail Security, and Revenue Investigations. Prior to joining the Inspection Service, Inspector Morris held senior manager positions with the Riverside, CA Department of Education and finally, he is a retired Air Force Officer, having served a combined (Active Duty and Reserve) total of twenty years specializing in Information Systems/Communications and Information Assurance/IT Security. BARNEY D. MORRIS 2

• Established the first “Post Roads” • Ensured the security of mail transported via steamboats, stagecoaches, railroads, and horses • Secured the transport of the Hope Diamond • Integral to enforcing the Child Protection Act of 1984 • Integral to enforcing the Mail Fraud Act, the nation’s first consumer-protection law • Investigates terrorism and anthrax threats via the mail OUR HISTORY OVER THE YEARS 3

We support and protect the Postal Service and its employees, infrastructure, and customers. We enforce the laws that defend the nation’s mail system from illegal or dangerous use; and ensure the public’s trust in the mail. We are the Postal Service’s Best-Kept Secret! OUR MISSION WHAT WE DO 4


WHO PROTECTS THE MAIL? BUSINESS PROTECTION Mailing Industry ― • 8.4 million jobs • $1 trillion in revenue We’ll help: • Keep your employee’s safe • Protect your business • Secure your operations … And it’s all included in the price of a stamp! 6

• Assaults & Threats • Asset Forfeiture • Bombs & Explosives • Child Exploitation via the Mail • Civil & Administrative Action • Consumer Protection & Education • Controlled Substances in the Mail • Corporate & Product Security • Counterfeit Postal Money Orders • Counterfeit Stamps • Electronic Crime • Extortion by Mail • Forensic & Technical Services • Global Postal Security • Hazardous Substances (CBRNe) • Identity Fraud via the Mail • Lottery Fraud via the Mail • Mail Destruction & Obstruction • Mail Fraud • Mail Theft • Mailing of Prohibited Substances • Money Laundering • Obscenity via the Mail • Polygraph Services • Postal Asset Protection • Postal Burglaries • Postal Robberies • Postal Vandalism • Revenue Investigations • Victim-Witness Services OUR AGENDA FROM A-Z 7


• PEOPLE: Don’t handle it. Isolate it immediately. • PACKAGE: Clear the area of people. Notify your supervisor. • PLAN: Contact us. Follow your facility emergency plan. SUSPICIOUS MAIL & PACKAGES WHAT TO LOOK FOR 9

• Check for signs of immediate danger. • Attempt to verify the contents by communicating with the addressee or sender by telephone. • In the case of a threatening package or letter, evacuate the immediate area, wash all exposed skin, and call us. RESPONSE PLAN KEY DETAILS 10

• All Postal Service operations—including mail processing, accounting, payment systems, and payments—rely on its IT infrastructure. • We build relationships with foreign and domestic law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and businesses, to address threats. • We ensure new postal products are safe for businesses and postal customers. CYBER CRIME TARGETING THREATS 11

MAIL FRAUD AGAINST CONSUMERS & BUSINESSES FRAUD AGAINST BUSINESSES • Banking/Loans • Commercial Bribery • Coupon/Rebate FRAUD AGAINST CONSUMERS • Boiler Room/Telemarketing • Business Opportunity • Confidence/Fiduciary Swindles • Internet Auction • Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud/ Investments • Lottery/Sweepstakes • Charitable Solicitations FRAUD AGAINST CONSUMER & BUSINESSES •Advance Fee •Corporate Fraud •False Billings •Insurance •Merchandise 12

• Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies • Joint tasks forces • Consumer groups • Industry groups • Universal Postal Union OUR PARTNERSHIPS DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL 13

OUR COLLABORATION PARTNERSHIPS/TASK FORCES/WORKING GROUPS TASK FORCES • President’s Identity Theft Task Force • President’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force • Joint Terrorism Task Force • High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program • International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center • Fusion Center at Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force PARTNERSHIPS • Alberta • Saskatchewan • Toronto Strategic • Vancouver Strategic Alliance WORKING GROUPS • Financial Industry Mail Security Initiative • DOJ’s Bank Fraud • Securities & Commodities • Mortgage Fraud • International Mass Marketing Fraud • National Center for Disaster Fraud • National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance 14

OUR COLLABORATION MULTI-AGENCY INITIATIVES/PROJECTS/LIAISON MULTI-AGENCY INITIATIVES • Operation Rapid Refund • Operation Homeless • Operation Stolen Dreams • Operation Broken Trust • Gulf Coast Oil Spill Initiative • FTC Business Opportunity Sweep PROJECTS • EMPTOR • COLT • JOLT LIAISON • U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children • Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Certification Center 15

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE FROM ALL THE OTHERS CONSUMER AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS • National Crime Victims’ Rights Week • 2SMRT4U • Know Fraud • National Consumer Protection Week - Focus of 2012 Campaign – Foreign Lotteries/Sweepstakes - More than 2.4M illegal lottery mailings seized containing $677M in checks (FY11) VICTIM WITNESS PROGRAM • 1 of only 2 LE agencies with direct access to DOJ’s Victim Notification System • More than 57,000 victims processed in FY11 • Turnkey victim services including notification and assistance referrals ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION PROGRAM • Terminates the improper use of mail • Provides expeditious protection to consumers 16


Barney D Morris Assistant Inspector in Charge U.S. Postal Inspection Service 18

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