Mah cet 2014 verbal & rc is the key; know probable type of questions and preparation tips

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: mbauniversecom1


MAH CET 2014: Verbal & RC is the key; know Probable Type of Questions and Preparation tips In this article on MAH CET 2014, shares various aspects of Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension section in the Examination with preparation tips from Prof S. K. Agarwal, expert on Verbal Ability. Registration to MAH CET 2014 closed on February 14, 2014. Unlike the year 2013 when CMAT scores were used for admissions and hundreds of seats in various management colleges of Maharashtra were not filled due to the break in conduct of this entrance test, B schools in Maharashtra are expected to receive a good number of applications in a range of 70 to 80 thousand. MH CET will be conducted on March 15 & March 16, 2014. The test will be equally useful for the outside Maharashtra candidates as number of seats in the management institutes in Maharashtra will remain open for admission to such candidates. Verbal Ability has maximum number of questions MAH CET 2014 will be an online computer based test with 200 questions divided in four sections. Out of them, you may find 80 questions on Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension and as such it will form a major chunk of the examination. Also Read: MAH CET 2014: 10 key Facts and tips for MAH CET MBA 2014 preparations Probable type of questions in VA RC of MAH MBA CET 2014 Verbal Ability expert Prof S.K. Agarwal shares the probable topics, number and pattern of questions expected in this section 1. Questions on Correction of errors in sentences – You may get 6 to 8 questions on core grammar usage. Every question will have a long sentence divided in 5 parts-1, 2,3,4,5. The error if any will be in any one of the four parts of the sentence. The difficulty level is moderate. Key topics to prepare Core English grammars like Parts of speech, tenses, subject-verb agreement form the base of these questions. If you have clarity on topics like time zones, use of adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, non-finites, modifiers, conditionals, you can solve all the 8 questions in less than 4-5 minutes. 2. Fill in the blanks with correct pair of vocabulary words These questions are on the same pattern as appear in CAT. Each question has one sentence with two blanks. There are five pairs of words below the sentence as answer options. There may be 6 to 8 questions of this type Sample Question You may find following types of questions with moderate level of difficulty. Yesterday, around 400 huts were __________ in a major fire which __________ the slum area.

(1) burn, hit (2) gutted, engulfed (3) fired, took (4) burning, blazed (5) demolished, entered 3. Passage with blanks This question type will have a passage with number of blanks. Each of the blanks is numbered. Candidates have to find the word which fits the blank appropriately. Sample Question The North-East India is Asia in miniature, a place (1) the brown and yellow races (2) and mingle. There are at least 262 (3) ethnic groups and the region is home to more than 150 million people. If one includes Bangladesh. Take Q.1. (1) when (2) although (3) where (4) to (5) if Q.2. (1) meet (2) desert (3) form (4) find (5) went Q.3. (1) identical (2) closed (3) corresponding (4) homogeneous (5) separate Ans. Q.1 (3) where; Q.2 (1) meet; Q.3 (4) homogeneous; All these words will come to mind spontaneously, when you read the passage. Preparation tips This question type is designed to test your Grammar as well as Vocabulary. There may be different forms of verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions or other parts of speech, words and phrases which need to be inserted at the given numbers. The best way is to form the sentence in your mind and scrutinize whether it has been correctly formed. Elimination round will again come to your rescue. Click below to Practice and score high marks in MAH CET MBA 2014 Sample Paper 4. Correct use of synonyms and antonyms There will be questions on choosing the words which are most opposite in meaning or which are most nearly the same in meaning to the given words. These questions are framed to test the core vocabulary of the candidates. Sample Question There will be separate questions to choose synonyms and antonyms Direction- Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold Q.1. Concerned (1) Diluted (2) Liberated (3) Indifferent (4) Divested (5) Relaxed Direction-Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold Preparation tips You need to have a good stock of vocabulary to solve such questions. It is better to revise your vocabulary, prepare flash cards-learn a few vocabulary words with their synonyms and antonyms regularly. Read Full Story:

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