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Information about Magnetic Fields

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: Mangeles9


PowerPoint Presentation: MAGNETIC FIELDS By: MEGAN, IRINI, LINA AND MARWAN PowerPoint Presentation: MAGNETS Magnetism is the process in which magnets attract metals such as iron. The poles of a magnet The poles of a magnet are two parts: north (N) and south (S) poles. This is a photo of poles of magnets This is a photo of magnets attracting metals. PowerPoint Presentation: m A magnetic field is a region of space near a magnet or an electric current in which a magnetic force acts on another magnet or electric current. MAGNETIC FIELDS This are photos of magnetic fields. PowerPoint Presentation: THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD The Earth acts like a huge magnet. I t also has two poles, Magnetic North and South, , which do not coincide with the geographical poles. This are some photos of earths magnetic fields PowerPoint Presentation: COMPASS THE COMPASS The Earths magnetic fields can be detected by using a compass. A compass is a device that contains a small needle-like Magnet that rotates freely and always aligns itself in a north-south direction, as it is attracted by the earth magnetic poles. PowerPoint Presentation: USES OF MAGNETIC MATERIALS We manufacture magnetic materials which are very useful to us in our daily lives and technology. PowerPoint Presentation: MAGNETS Magnets are used on objects for example: bags, bracelets and doors. PowerPoint Presentation: MAGNET STORAGE MEDIA Magnetic storage media makes a lot of things possible. Magnetic storage is used, for example, on computer hard drive and on mobile phone cards. PowerPoint Presentation: MAGNETIC STRIPS Magnetic strips are found on bus tickets ect. Special machines are used to read what is contained in those strips. PowerPoint Presentation: QUESTIONS What are magnets? . What are magnetic fields? To what magnets does the compass attracts? . Tell me two examples of magnetic strips. PowerPoint Presentation: THE END

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