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Published on January 9, 2009

Author: aSGuest9839


Slide 1: Meeting cost, productivity & growth challenges through PLS. NOTE: This presentation is programmed for a manual click through. Pls. Left click your mouse to view the next message Slide 2: What is Magiix? + Multiply productivity through automation & collaboration Add publishing capacities with on-demand resourcing Cut costs through design outsourcing to MagiixStudio One Solution. Many Answers. PLS. NOTE: Kindly left click your mouse to view the next message Slide 3: First, MagiixServer workflow software installed on your LAN, binds your edit, art, advtg & production in a single system Next, using Hi-speed Internet, MagiixServer seamlessly integrates an outsourced design studio to your creative workflow MagiixServer thus integrates both internal and external design resources seamlessly in a unified workflow Art Directors now get on-demand access to additional design resources Slide 4: MagiixServer provides an easy-to-install & use, best practices driven workflow system for Editorial-Design process automation. With MagiixServer software your editorial/ art staff can: Plan an Issue structure & share pagination details with the entire team Create & manage editorial tasks Collate article-wise content & specify layout requirements Distribute layout files to reviewers for pdf-based proofing Create and manage versions of article layouts until final approval Track article, issue & task status in real-time & much more…. Value Proposition #1 Get a functionality-rich publishing workflow platform at minimal cost Slide 5: Bind editorial, art, advertising sales and production across multiple issues and titles in a single digital workflow system Achieve real-time visibility & complete control over the outsourced design process Achieve faster issue creation and approval cycles with pdf-based workflow Value Proposition #2 Multiply productivity gains through workflow automation Slide 6: Cut per page art costs by up to 40% through design outsourcing Value Proposition #3 Get an SLA-based, full-service studio equipped to deliver from design to production-ready artworks at a fraction of your current costs Avg. Art Cost/ page can vary between $ 90 to $ 750. What’s yours? Slide 7: Add publishing capacities without increasing headcount Value Proposition #4 MagiixStudio helps you achieve on-demand scalability of quality design resources that are integrated to your internal workflow By outsourcing routine tasks like page layout and artwork production, you release your high-value design staff to pursue new revenue opportunities Leverage time zone difference to greatly speed up production cycles Slide 8: Benefit from a proven, predictable source of graphic design Value Proposition #5 Over 3 years in remote art studio operations for a variety of needs 250,000+ man hours of experience across print, web & multimedia platforms Over 85,000 artworks – from simple vector artwork to complex design-from-brief - delivered till date 99.1% first-time approved track record with 98% + on-time deliveries Slide 9: Get a fully managed service from installation to delivery Value Proposition #6 PowerWeave with its local partners provide you with complete support – from installation to training to managing the equipment/ infrastructure Your staff does not need to manage file uploads/ downloads – MagiixStudio manages all file transfer processes Slide 10: Value Proposition #7 Get a fully ‘de-risked’ solution SLA based commitments ensure on-time, quality controlled output Failsafe delivery infrastructure with redundancies/ backups at hardware, connectivity & data storage levels Local, onshore support and program management through PowerWeave’s business partners ensures all issues are managed locally Slide 11: Minimal investment to get started Value Proposition #8 Deploy the Magiix solution on your existing PC hardware and network infrastructure MagiixServer’s flexible licensing options let you start small and scale up as needs grow Harness the power of Magiix with minimal training and negligible disruptions to your existing workflow Slide 12: Start-up Requirements A dedicated server with a static IP and SQL Server database for deploying the MagiixServer application 100 Mbps LAN Broadband Internet available on the MagiixServer machine PCs/ Macs with min. 40 GB HDD, 512MB RAM and Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or better installed Would you have these already? Yes Yes Yes Yes Slide 13: Migrating To Magiix Slide 14: Savings/ ROI Indicator Cost of designing in-house : $ 10,800 (At 40 pages/ month/title for 3 titles) Savings from outsourcing design to MagiixStudio Avg. current design cost per page (in-house design) : $ 90 (estimated from MPA-JEGI research data) Approx. avg. cost of designing above 120 pages at MagiixStudio : $ 3,600 Direct monthly savings from design outsourcing : $ 7,200 Direct annual savings from design outsourcing : $ 86,400 Annual gains from better resource utilization/ opportunity costs : ? Annual gains from productivity improvements from automation : ? If outsourcing freed up 2 design resources what new revenue generation initiative could they take up? What would not needing to hire permanent staff mean in savings terms?… If MagiixServer reduced paperwork by 15% and meeting time (editorial reviews etc) by 20% what would you save? Direct annual savings from automation : $ 100,000 (min.) (Magiix estimates) Total potential savings from Magiix : $ 186,000 (considering 3 titles outsourced) Savings from workflow automation using MagiixServer Slide 15: Why PowerWeave? Slide 16: Why Offshore Outsource? Slide 17: Thank You! For further information, please contact:

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