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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: danielllelou


My Listings Magazine Danielle Ferrier

I started my listings magazine with an image of myself and my best friend. I felt as though this image highlighted the fact that despite the narrative of the documentary I am still a typical teenager that enjoys socializing with friends or just relaxing indoors. This will go against the stereotypical teenager as most documentaries or TV Series which include teenagers are portraying them in negative ways such as being involved in crime, drinking alcohol and sexual activities.

The format of my listings magazine includes various column and images, however the images relate to what’s on the page, such as the interview with me contains screenshots from the actual documentary. Although my Magazine looks quite plain this is the aesthetics I wanted it to have as I want the audience to concentrate more on the context rather than the overall layout, another reason is that I didn't want it to look fancy, I wanted it to match the narrative of the documentary. I decided to use questions which I felt gave the audience more of an insight into me. The audience might want to read the article just to see what questions are asked based on the documentary. Such as whether I felt vulnerable and whether the creation has had an after effect on my family. The image of my mum and myself was selected as she’s my closest family member, so I wanted to yet again portray our closeness yet in another form of media.

I wanted to include reviews in my article as these were a feature of the Time Out article that I analyzed. It will also influence people that haven’t watched my documentary that it is worth watching. All of the reviews included are from real people, two have not been named as they were from my focus group and were not comfortable with their names being featured. The Star rating is effective as even if someone isn’t reading the article about my documentary these will draw their attention and possibly help to increase the amount of people that view my documentary. It’s also a quicker way for the audience to gain an idea of other peoples view’s by quickly looking at the star rating to see whether its good or bad.

I decided to include two interviews, one with myself as the director and second with my Step Dad. I felt the interview with me would show how much the documentary means to me and also gives the audience a better connection with me, whereas the interview with my Step Dad is almost like creating conflict for my article. Although some of the questions are based on him not taking part in my documentary I also included a question where he could explain our relationship to show the audience that we do actually have a good father- daughter relationship. The image in this interview includes my Mum, Sister and Step Dad. Using this image shows us as a family to the audience indicating that despite what we’ve been through we are still a normal happy family. This image could be quite emotive as we look like an actual family yet in reality were not due to my Step Dad not being myself and my sisters biological

I have just finished creating my first ancillary product, which is a Listings Magazine. Research has made me believe that it could also be in Time Out as it has a section mainly for films. The article I analyzed before creating my article was a page from Time Out which gave me various idea’s about the creation of my own product. The Telegraph looks at recent or popular films, yet I am not aware if this particularly includes documentaries as they are seen as a different genre to films which are released in the cinema. The conclusion I eventually came to the conclusion that my article would be featured in Time Out as it is the best magazine to suit my Listings Magazine.

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