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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: kiera1995


Magazine Drafts By Kiera Garrison

Draft #1 • This is my first draft. I used this image from the internet as I haven’t yet gathered my own. I chose to use this image as I like how the lighting is in at, as it only lights up a little bit on the person in the middle on the eerie hallway. I have chose to put the name of my magazine at the top because when researching others, the name is at the top. I have put the name of my trailer in big letters as it is what this magazine is mostly about and I have put the tag line underneath it as I think it may be an important thing to put on, but I may remove it on future drafts.

Draft #2 • Here I have added a film strip as I think that before it didn’t look much like a magazine front cover. The images I have put into the film strip are from the internet as like the main image because I haven’t yet taken my own images. The images in the film strip are of similar images that I would try to take myself, as they will be part of my film trailer.

Draft #3 • Here I felt that the main text was a little boring and simple to I used different methods to create these two different fonts compared to the draft before. I think that I will keep the font of the magazine name the same as I think it looks like it fits with the genre horror. I am not too sure about the font of the name of the trailer, but as you will see on the next couple of drafts I will look at different ones to see which one I like best.

Draft #4 • Here I have used a smaller and thinner font for the film title because my opinion at this stage is that the other font on the previous draft is too big. I like how there are some gaps in the letters which I think looks more like it would match the genre.

Draft #5 • Here I have tried a different approach to the text by making it a bit more bolder than the previous draft and giving the text some sort of angle. I don’t think that I will continue with this font as I think that doesn’t fit in with the genre style. I will continue to use the same layout as the rest of the front cover at this present time, but it may change when I gather my own photos and add other important things to the page.

Draft #6 • Here I have changed the image to one of my own which I think is a good one to use, as it shows the genre and it looks spooky. I have also changed the text at the bottom, the Angel I have changed back to the one on my fourth draft but added some effects to it and changed the text underneath it to a nursery rhyme which I don’t know whether I will keep it.

Draft #7 • I have only changed the image on this draft as I wanted to see what other of my photos work on a magazine front cover. I think that this one looks interesting because of the way the light has created the scary effect on her face. I am not too sure whether this is one of the best ones to use on a front cover.

Draft #8 • Because I wasn’t to sure about the previous photo, I decided to try another one of my photos. I don’t think this one is very successful because you can’t really see the character and it doesn’t look very creepy.

Draft #9 • Here I have started my magazine again because I felt that the previous drafts weren’t really looking like a real cover. I looked more at some real horror magazine front covers and got some inspiration of putting something down the side, which I found a tutorial on YouTube which helped me create this rip effect. I think that it looks very interesting and when adding more text and pictures to this it may end up being successful.

Draft #10 • Here I have added my Magazine name which I have also changed from my previous drafts because I thought that the previous one was a bit over the top. I have also added a barcode which is essential for a magazine front cover and I have put a Twitter and Facebook symbol as it may attract more of an audience.

Draft #11 • I have added more things to this front cover which I think are important but also make it look interesting. I have added a plug which I think is useful as it tells the audience how much the magazine is. I have put this in a yellow circle as I think that yellow and red go well with each other. I have also added some extra information at the bottom which I was on another magazine, this will hopefully attract the audience in wanting to buy the magazine as it tells you what in within this magazine. Finally I have added my film name on here with some extra information to tell the audience that this is what this issue has focused on and what it involves (an interview).

Final Draft • Since the previous draft I have added some other eye catching extras to show that this magazine has other elements to it. These are other photos that I took which I think are very effective, the bottom 2 suit it because of the genre and the top one I have put to mage it seem a bit more like a film magazine, to show more actors/actresses. I think that these images and the text look very effective on this magazine front cover and through the effect behind it, it looks more professional.

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