Macroinvertebrate Samples

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Information about Macroinvertebrate Samples

Published on March 11, 2009

Author: wssmith



Students observed macroinvertebrate samples from local creeks to help determine water quality.

Four Mile Creek Shipbuilders Creek Mill Creek March 2009 Macroinvertebrate Samples

We think this is a caddisfly.



We have no idea what this is. Can anyone help identify this macroinvertebrate?

This looks like a riffle beetle.

Check out this mayfly nymph!

This crayfish was about 10 cm long!

Two tails, antenna, 3 pairs of legs – must be stonefly nymphs!

A few stonefly nymphs looked like they were getting wings! Magnified View

Isopod & Stonefly Nymph

We always find lots of amphipods (scuds).

We aren’t sure what kind of macroinvertebrate this is. It has lots of legs, a segmented body, and antenna.

Look at the colors on this aquatic worm!

What new questions do you have about macroinvertebrates?

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