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Published on December 31, 2016

Author: PingYin8


1. Adult census income analysis Ping Yin 10/12/2016

2. Overview Data source:

3. Overview Purpose Exploring data Using Macro and Macro functions Build a full model Content Exploring data with Macro & Macro functions Using Proc Freq to create cross tabulation tables Using Proc Corr to investigate correlations Using Proc Logistic to build a full model Conclusion

4. 1. Exploring data

5. 1. Exploring data

6. 1. Exploring data

7. 1. Exploring data

8. 2. Using Proc Freq

9. 2. Using Proc Freq

10. 3. Using Proc Corr

11. 4.Using Proc Logistic

12. 4.Using Proc Logistic

13. 4.Using Proc Logistic

14. 5.Conclusion  P-value and Fit Statistics indicate this full model is significant  Most of variables can be used in the model  People’s income level is related with gender, age, education, etc.  To fit the model better, some issues need be addressed, including missing value, categorical variables, etc.

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