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Published on January 5, 2017

Author: ThomasRyan57


1. Automate. Engage. Transform.

2. “The more transformative your idea is, the more patience you’ll need to make it happen.” Marc Benioff Salesforce Chairman and CEO

3. 3 pillars of service As a full-service B2B automation agency we provide support beyond your first steps into the realm of marketing automation. We’ll support you through your journey to ensure that value is realised and Salesforce Pardot becomes a driver for your growth. Implementation Content creation Campaign management

4. What do we do? Helping financial services organisations bridge the gap between marketing qualified and sales ready leads is at the core of what we do but Macram is so much more. We use best in class tools from Salesforce and adjust internal culture to enable marketing and sales alignment. As a team we’re passionate about digital marketing, mar-sales alignment, intelligent customer journey mapping and delivering ROI. We do great work because we love what we do.

5. The vision Throughout our marketing careers, we noticed that many businesses who purchased marketing automation (MA) software or were thinking about it, weren’t able to commit the resources required to fully utilise its functionality. Macram was born out of this need for resource and expertise. Our goal is to deploy Pardot, manage campaigns and produce engaging content that produces truly meaningful results which ultimately drives business growth. We know that a coherent marketing and sales department is essential for business success. Our methods cultivate this cultural shift by including both business functions. By mapping the customer journey and producing compelling content we can nurture the target audience from lead source to CRM.

6. Use of Pardot and Certification We work closely with a network of associates which enables us to be able to provide a full service for our clients.

7. Agile project management Agile project movement enables us to collaborate and respond through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirIcal feedback. We operate in sprint cycles where tasks are outlined and pushed through each stage of a visual kanban pipeline which is accessible to all project members through our project management tool Asana. This way the client and the supplier both have project clarity through a flexible and collaborative approach. We try our utmost not to waste time on unnecessary face-to-face meetings and conference calls. Our approach streamlines projects for optimal efficiency.

8. Our ‘work smart’ project stack Project management Instant messengerWeb conferencing Tracking time We use a suite of cloud apps that enable us to collaborate on and deliver projects successfully. We’ll provide access to each application for ultimate efficiency.

9. Streamlining processes An example of how MA can optimise your business. Sales can now focus on working the best leads at the right time.

10. Pardot packages Realise the power of automated sales and marketing functions to engage more prospects and follow their journey at each touch point. We offer three core packages to work with organisations on driving business growth through Pardot MA. We are flexible with our services and are happy to work around your specific requirements. The following slides provide an overview of each package. Executive Rapid technical set-up and CRM integration Chief Marketing Officer Discovery, technical set-up, content creation, engagement studio, reporting and full handover Campaign Manager Ongoing campaign delivery, optimisation and reporting

11. Executive Fast technical set up and Pardot integration with your CRM Deliverables (tasks) ● Setting up the vanity domain name, SPF record and Domain key ● Implementing a tracking code and adding iframes (forms) across your ● Website CRM integration and creating custom fields where appropriate ● Whitelisting IPs and creating filters ● Linking Pardot to your social channels, PPC and Google Analytics (and other connectors) ● Cleansing, importing, segmenting and assigning existing prospect/customer data (assuming 50k records) ● Hosting content/downloads on Pardot so they can be tracked ● Setting up users with appropriate permissions - security limits, CRM integrations, signatures, roles and testing (10 users) ● Setting up user groups that assign leads to the appropriate sales groups ● Creating custom landing page, email and form templates (optional) ● Data migration (optional) ● Taxonomy of folders, campaigns, lists ● Testing Documentation & Training (system walkthrough via screen share) Project time frame The estimated time to complete the ‘Executive’ package including all options is 17 days. However if there is no requirement for the optional data migration task the estimated time to complete the work is 11.75 days. Click here for full package details

12. Chief Marketing Officer Discovery, technical set-up, content creation, Engagement Studio, reporting and project handover Deliverables (phases) ● Discovery phase (12 tasks) ● Technical setup phase (14 tasks) ● Creative phase (14 tasks) ● Engagement studio phase (2 tasks) ● Reporting (2 tasks) ● Handover phase (3 tasks) Project time frame The estimated time to complete the ‘Chief Marketing Officer’ package including all options is 46 days. However if there is no requirement for the optional migration line item the estimated time to complete the work is 36 days. Click here for full package details

13. Campaign Manager Ongoing campaign delivery and optimisation Deliverables (phases) ● Forms/form handlers and progressive/dependant fields including testing: 3 forms ● Email templates: 1 plain text, 1 html, 1 html newsletter ● Email copy ● Landing page templates ● Landing page copy ● Engagement Studio Program creation and testing Project time frame The estimated time to complete the ‘Campaign Manager’ package including all options is 10 days. However this is a guide price based on the minimum resource required to execute a new campaign. This activity is tailored to the client’s needs. Click here for full package details

14. Pardot discovery workshop We would love to visit you to discuss how embarking on a marketing automation journey could transform your business. During a three hour workshop we cover: ● The process of implementation, campaign management and content creation ● Ensure all of your business processes are mapped ● The invaluable insights Pardot can bring to your sales team ● How automation can streamline your entire sales process ● Whether insourcing or outsourcing is right for you

15. Content creation Our team of copywriters, designers, and content marketing experts will support your internal marketing function to deliver compelling content which converts. The following content assets are available. ● Content strategy ● Website content, design and build ● Video ● Editorial calendar ● Keyword research ● Content outreach ● Digital magazines ● Social media ● Native advertising

16. Customer journey planning Every successful MA campaign begins with a well thought out plan. By mapping out the customer journey we can understand how to treat prospects in every eventuality. Starting a MA program with business objectives at the forefront supports the core goal of delivering a positive ROI. Click here for full size version of the customer journey map

17. Personalising the experience With advanced dynamic content we’re able to fine-tune a prospect’s experience based on information within their prospect record. All visitors Financial services prospect

18. Engagement Studio Engagement Studio is the engine of Pardot. Once the customer journey is approved, content assets are curated ahead of building an Engagement Program. With Pardot’s Engagement Studio next- generation lead nurturing and customer insight can be realised.

19. Sure we’re automation mad but that’s not all... We believe every B2B firm should be using MA however that’s not all that we’re about. We also offer the following services: Content creation Email marketing Paid search Paid social Web development Strategy consulting Buyer persona profiling Data management Social media management Brand book creation Graphic design SEO Data sourcing Competitor analysis Re-brand

20. We’d love to collaborate on your automation journey Tom Hayward | Digital Account Director | 07584017504 | Tom Ryan | Digital Director | 07800897425 | “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” Tony Robbins

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