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Published on February 13, 2014

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The questionnaire supporting the MVP presentation.

SIG N IN You are using an unsupported browser. Some features may not work correctly. Upgrade to a modern browser , such as Google Chrome. Dismiss 103 responses Summary To which age group do you belong 16- 25 85 83% 26- 35 11 11% 36- 45 7 7% How many movies do you watch at the cinema per month? 1- 2 53 51% 2- 5 33 32% more than 5 17 17% Do you ever write a review of a f ilm af ter watching it?

yes 15 15% no 88 85% If yes, Where?? no Rotten tomato, Meta critic, google and yahoo facebook IMDB Ho on idlebrain site social websites Sometimes on Facebook odeon website yahoo movie Facebook wall Blog inox face book and shortfilm 365 Do you ever check the review of the movie bef ore watching it? yes 67 65% no 36 35% If yes, Where? no Behindwoods website tomatos, Google and Yahoo new paper,redio,web site Internet Meta critic, google, IMDB and yahoo websites only idealbrain wbsites depends on the moviw rottentomatoes greatandhra through friends GREATANDHRA,IDLEBRAIN Website,Papers many site not one in particular newspaper, fb google, IMDB Imdb Facebook wikipedia and idlebrain odeon website various websites, nothing specific! Google sites websites timesofindia online and newspaper ratings internet Yahoo online facebook IMDB, Meta critic, Rottenn imdb IMBD Rotten tomato, cinijosh oneindia IMDB idlebrain friends & websites Website on regional Google

What kind of reviews do you pref er? Professional Film Critic Reviews 47 41% User Reviews and Ratings 67 59% Which type of review is more ef f ective? Text Based Reviews 67 61% Video Reviews 43 39% How do you promote or share a movie which you have watched lately? By posting reviews over the internet 24 18% By discussing with friends 67 50% By any other social media 43 32% Please specif y where you share this inf ormation? Socially Face book Imdb, facebook facebook / twitter fb facebbok Facebook status social media Rotten tomato, Meta critic, google and yahoo FaceBook imdb,rottentomatoes,metacritic no where facebook, twitter FB Facebook Facebook NA friends Fb faceboik facebook twitter Which of the f ollowing do you pref er?

Reviewing the movies over the internet using a computer. 63 64% Reviewing the movies on Smartphones or tablets. 36 36% What websites do you use f or reviews? IMDB 66 43% Rotten tomatoes 22 14% Meta critic 13 8% Guardian 8 5% 43 28% 1 1% YAHOO!! Movies Roger Ebert If any other Please specif y, facebbok Blog, facebook none idlebrain nope rediff odeon Do you use a smart phone or tablet?

Yes 93 94% No 6 6% What kind of applications do you usually download? Entertainment 80 36% Productivity 31 14% Utilities 47 21% Social 64 29% What kind of entertainment apps you pref er? Music 60 36% Movies 41 24% Games 68 40% Do you like to download

Apps with movie reviews - text 61 59% Apps with movie reviews - video 42 41% If an app existed that allowed you to add your own video reviews of a movie would you use it? Yes 57 55% No 46 45% If yes would you use it immediately af ter leaving the cinema? Yes 64 76% No 20 24% If no please explain why its waste of time take the time to think about how to say the review I have to spend time I don't like video reviews.Everyone will be saying good in front of camera not interested no time because iam not into movies that much i am not movie craz y.. im not a critic, nor do i

review we r not the right ones. Not intrested 2g speed mobile internet connection not suitable for video browsing im not a film freak Which of the f ollowing additional f eatures should the app contain? Movie Reviews 72 13% Showtimes and Tickets 72 13% Upcoming movies and trailers 74 14% Rate movies 55 10% Manage your Watchlist 25 5% Photos, movie posters, and stills 43 8% critic reviews 48 9% Box office results 57 10% Celebrity birthdays 21 4% Get notifications about the latest news, trailers, photos, and movie showtimes 49 9%

Quotes, trivia and goofs 27 5% Number of daily responses

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