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Published on November 5, 2007

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Medina Academy Open Board Meeting:  Medina Academy Open Board Meeting Mouhammad Fakhoury President الحمد لله رب العالمين:  الحمد لله رب العالمين Welcome To Medina Academy’s Open Board Meeting Agenda:  Agenda Quran Recitation Medina Students Introduction Mouhammad Fakhoury Board Presentations: Operations Mahmood Khadeer Facilities Ashraf Awad Finance Khawar Zuberi Giving Campaign Ahmed Kamal Summary Mouhammad Fakhoury Questions and Answers You & Board Panel Introduction:  Introduction Meeting Purpose Brief History Of Medina Academy Introduction to the Board of Directors Serious Mission & Big Ambitions Timeline Road Ahead Board Agenda For This Quarter Meeting Purpose:  Meeting Purpose Concrete Steps to Improve Transparency Establish a process of open communication Hold Quarterly OBMs next one is in Mar 06 Publish to web Quarterly Financial Statements Publish Quarterly Board Agenda Publish Key Decisions and Directions Identify the Challenges Share with you our road map Listen to our community Brief History:  Brief History Founded in 1999 by local brothers out of the Islamic Center of The Eastside ICOE Original Founders: Akhlaq Khatri Javid Zahir Khawar Zuberi Mohammad Yunus Mouhammad Fakhoury Salah Dandan Sixth Year of Operation! Board Of Directors:  Board Of Directors Operations Finance Facilities Mahmood Khadeer Lead Ahmed Kamal Nada Fakhoury Khawar Zuberi Lead Mahmood Qadir Ashraf Awad Lead Ahmed Kamal Successful Team Model Direct Community Involvement:  Successful Team Model Direct Community Involvement Facilities Operations Finance Sunday PTA Parents Teachers Students A Community of Volunteers:  A Community of Volunteers PTA Organization led by Osama and Kifah Hamdan Rizwan Awan, Mizan Rasheed, Hala Khalil Radde Wassim Fayed Every Friday a Sirah class on the Stories of the Prophets Khaled Abdul Mutagalli & Iman Fahmi Science and Robotics club Tajweed Classes Technology Support Ahmed Azmy & Hisham Odeh Sunday School - All volunteer staff serving 150 kids in 6 classes Nada Fakhoury Maha Shabaneh Maysa Haydar Mahmood Amal Mona Al-Ali Magige Mouhammad Brakat Tarabeh Mahmood Khadeer Tawfiq Elkugia Zeinah Batrouny Medina Academy Family:  Medina Academy Family A Serious Mission With Big Ambitions:  A Serious Mission With Big Ambitions “We have sent you but A Mercy to Mankind”:  “We have sent you but A Mercy to Mankind” Islamic Education A Mission of Mercy:  Islamic Education A Mission of Mercy Establish Strong Islamic Roots in the North West Plant and protect the roots of Islam by teaching Quran, Arabic and the practices and teachings of the prophet Mohammad PBUH A central hub for the youth and for community educational activities Liberate our kids from the tyranny of ignorance and discrimination found in public schools Teach first hand, the real Islam and the real truth about Allah and his creations Teach Islam the religion of PEACE, Tolerance and Excellence. Hijab dress is not oppression or disease. Fasting is not starvation or child abuse. Halloween and Valentine are not just innocent celebrations Give a chance for our daughters and sons to grow up with positive peer pressure competing to serve Allah Islamic Education A Mission of Mercy:  Islamic Education A Mission of Mercy Build a strong and confident Muslim character in our Next Generation of Muslims Proud to be Muslims Practice Islam openly and freely Communicate with confidence their opinions and believes Unleash the Muslim genius Bring back free thinkers like Ibn Khaldun Ibn Rushd Mohammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi Mohammad Bin Musa al-Khawarizmi Spread the truth about Islam Make Medina Academy a center for Dawa and a Model for Islamic Institutions Be a positive and constructive influence in our local community Share with our neighbors the fruits of our beliefs; Mercy, Justice and Love Remembering the Big Picture:  Remembering the Big Picture Builds our Iman Gives us more patience Answers the question of Why Sacrifice? Motivates us to build a better future Makes it easier to face challenges Challenges:  Challenges Physical Space Requirements Planning Beyond Elementary School Qualified and Certified Staff Raising Quality to the Next Level Keeping Tuitions Affordable Timeline:  2004 Hired Architecture Firm - DLR Timeline 1999 2000 2003 2004 2005 2007 Established School First year of operations Purchased Bellevue Campus Opened Bellevue Campus CUP Submitted Fulltime Preschool + K-6 Board Agenda :  Board Agenda Space Planning for Next Year Fundraising Event Planning Bellevue Campus Permits Staff Benefits Medina Academy Operations:  Medina Academy Operations Mahmood Khadeer Vice-President Accomplishments:  Accomplishments Accreditation Fully accredited by Washington State New!! Bellevue license for Pre-School Redmond license renewed Quality Competitive curriculum – Washington State , Scott Foresman, IQRA ITBS - top 5% 3 students identified as gifted Community engagements Running Sunday School Participation Redmond Lights Organized events in yearly Quran memorization, Seminars etc. Current Student Population:  Current Student Population Challenge: Increase enrollment in 3rd & 4th grade 7% increase from last year Staffing Update:  Staffing Update Total Staff 15 Alhamdulliah we have 6 certified teachers 7 classified, 3 on path to certification 2 dedicated Admin staff Slide23:  Grade - 4 Sr.Amber Hughbanks (2yrs) Masters in Teaching Bachelor’s in Math Grade – 3 Br. Abdul Quddus (16yrs) Bachelor in speech & Communication Grade - 2 – Sr. Afifah Siddik (10yrs) Bachelors in Biology Masters in Food science Grade – 1 - Sr. Adila Abdussamed(13yrs) Bachelor in Foreign languages Montessori Teaching Certificate KG - Sr. Shaheen Ali (15yrs) Bachelors in Education, English, Political science KG – Aide Sr. Salma Khadeer (6yrs) Bachelors in Political science 125 years of Teaching Experience Administrator Sr. Nada Fakhoury (18yrs) International Baccalaureate in French – 1st in Lebanon Bachelors degree in Public Administration Slide24:  Arabic/Islamic Studies – Sr. Rehab Mohamed (2) Bachelor of Management Arabic/Islamic Studies – Sr. Kamila Abolokma (15) Bachelor in Arabic and Social Studies Pre-Schoool Director - Sr.May Saadeh (17yrs) Bachelor of Arts in English and Education Pre-School Teacher Sr. Fouzia Tahir ( 4yrs) Masters in Mass Communication Pre-School Teacher Sr. Gina Mahmood (1yr) Pursuing Degree in Education Pre-School Teacher Sr. Kehkashan Somroo(2yr) Bachelor in Finance Pre-School Teacher Sr. Fatma Jedaa (4yrs) Associate Degree in Sociology 125 years of Teaching Experience Office Manager Sr. Sana Naseem Interior Designer 11 years experience in customer service Operations Priorities:  Operations Priorities High Quality Program Delivery Development of Staff Getting Advance Accreditation Resource planning & growth management Medina Academy Finance:  Medina Academy Finance Khawar Zuberi Treasurer Mahmood Qadir Board Member Income / Expense Summary Jan-Nov’05:  Income / Expense Summary Jan-Nov’05 Some Facts:  Some Facts Loans remaining: $200k Average per-student tuition income: Tuition fee income for Nov: $35k Number of students: 100 Per-student average = $350 Operational Expenses for Nov: $40k Staff salaries & rent is 93% of op. expenses Monthly operational deficit: $5k Per-student deficit: $50 per month Better than $100 per month last year Our Challenge:  Our Challenge Raise funds to Meet operational deficit ($5k / month) Continue construction project Repay loans ($200k) You, the parents, help through your donations You can help more by referring enrollments for 3rd and 4th grades Medina Academy Facilities:  Medina Academy Facilities Ashraf Awad Board Member Redmond Campus:  Redmond Campus Old Redmond School House Very fortunate to use space since 2000 Perfect setting and location for a school Very competitive lease rates! Our time has ran out! Time for us to leave the “nest” This is our last year at ORSH Looking for new space is very challenging Bellevue Campus:  Bellevue Campus Purchased Property 2003 Upgraded in summer 2004 Opened for operations in 2004 Currently hosting all Pre-School and Pre-K Obtained Permits to operate Bellevue as a fulltime daycare center in 2004 Permits to operate Bellevue as a fulltime Elementary School is in progress Conditional Use Permits (CUP) has been filed and submitted to the city What is a CUP?:  What is a CUP? A Conditional Use Permit Need to change the use of zoned property Residential Zoning to School CUP Formal City Process Requires an Architect Requires patience, money, time, and more patience, money, time. Typically a 20 to 24 month process. What goes into a CUP?:  What goes into a CUP? Here are some key elements: Survey & Site plans – landscape, lighting Building plans – elevations, colors, materials Traffic report – bike lane, exit/entrance Parking Plan CUP Timeline:  CUP Timeline 1/22/04 Contracts signed CUP application 3/30/04 12/24/04 CUP approval 1/21/06 through 1/31/06 CUP re-submittal 7/18/05 12/12/05 CUP hearing Bellevue staff Report finalized Survey and traffic CUP re-submittal Site Plan:  Site Plan Funding a New School:  Funding a New School Phase one $700K Full project cost approximately $5.0 million Likely approach to augment fundraising Design/Build – Lease/Back Interim Facility Plans:  Interim Facility Plans Current Situation We are using Bellevue Campus for pre-school, Pre-K We are using all space available in Redmond We will lose 2 classrooms in Redmond in 06-07’ We need to begin construction on Bellevue Campus Options to consider for 06 and 07 school year. Facilities Options for 06 and 07:  Facilities Options for 06 and 07 Lease new space for entire school Establish portables on Bellevue Campus for entire school Medina Academy Giving Campaign:  Medina Academy Giving Campaign Ahmed Kamal Board Member Fund Raising update:  Fund Raising update Why give? Supporting Education in general. Some Seattle public schools as scheduled for shut down for financial reasons. How about Islamic Education? Government support? Community support? Microsoft Giving Campaign update. Breakdown by category. Giving Campaign Break Down :  Giving Campaign Break Down 34 * 2*12*25*2 = $40,800 + One Time Payments or amounts that are less than a $25 unit: 1 * (239+100+240+100+360+150+500+ 150)*2 = $3,678 + One Time Payments with no matching: 1 * (600+300+1000) = $1900 + Time Matching 86(hrs/month) * 12*17 = $17,544 Total =    $46,378 + $17,544 = $63,922 Number of units of participation Number of paychecks per month Number of months per year Suggested payment. Microsoft matching. Microsoft dollars matches for hours volunteered per month Legend Medina Academy Summary:  Medina Academy Summary Mouhammad Fakhoury Key Points:  Key Points Establish a Process for Transparency Engage the Community Improve Quality Keep Tuition Affordable Establish a permanent home Serious Challenges Ahead We need to all work together as one Slide46:  Medina Academy is a Community Asset Help us grow it and protect it Medina Academy Community Q&A:  Medina Academy Community Q&A Your Questions? All of you

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