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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Elodie


Media Advocacy for Environmental Change:  Media Advocacy for Environmental Change Nora Luna, Project Manager, CSAP’s Western CAPT Media Advocacy:  Media Advocacy The strategic use of media to advance a social or public policy issue. Shifts the focus from the individual to society’s laws, norms, and policies Based on the public health model Targets changes in the environment Goals of Media Advocacy:  Goals of Media Advocacy Not media coverage but to effect change in public policy Communicate stories for the purpose of changing policies Shape debate around public policy Characteristics of Advocacy:  Characteristics of Advocacy Assumes people have rights Works best when focused Concerned with rights and benefits Concerned with ensuring that institutions work the way they should Media Advocacy Examples:  Media Advocacy Examples MADD Sea World Philadelphia DOC Others? Skills to Advocate in the Media:  Skills to Advocate in the Media Having a strategy Framing the issue Knowing the research Gaining access to the media Having a Strategy:  Having a Strategy What is the problem? What is the solution or policy approach? Who has the power to make it happen? Who must be mobilized What message will be most effective? Framing the Issue:  Framing the Issue What to include/exclude Focus on policies not individual behavior Focus on social accountability and institutional responsibility Knowing the Research:  Knowing the Research Know the current facts and figures about a problem Know how solution has proven effective Use statistics creatively Understand how the media works Gaining Access to the Media:  Gaining Access to the Media Monitoring the media Learn best ways to contact the media News release Press conference Letter to the editor Guest editorial Holding a news-worthy event Op-ed piece Activity:  Activity Read the case study In a group, identify how the skills of advocacy were used (strategy, framing, research, and access to media) Record your answers Share with the larger group Online Resources:  Online Resources References:  References Amidei, N. (1991). So you want to make a difference: Advocacy is the key. Washington, DC: OMB Watch. Dorfman, L. (1996). The news on alcohol – Media advocacy strategies to promote prevention policy. Paper presented at Alcohol Policy X, the Tenth International Alcohol Policy Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 4-8, 1996. Retrieved May 14, 2001 from the World Wide Web: Gallegos, B. (1999). Chasing the frogs and camels out of Los Angeles: The movement to limit alcohol and tobacco billboards. San Rafael, CA: Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems. Ryan, B.E., & Mosher, J.F. (2000). The campaign against SB 1696: No 4th strike for California retailers who sell alcohol to minors. San Rafael, CA: The Marin Institue for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems. Wallack, L. (1990). Improving health promotion: media advocacy and social marketing approaches. In C. Atkin and L. Wallack (Eds.) Mass Communication and Public Health: Complexities and Conflicts Newbury Park, California: Sage Publications, 147-163. Wallack, L. Dorfman, L., Jernigan, D., & Themba, M. (1993). Media advocacy and public health: Power for prevention. London: Sage Publications. Wallack, L., Woodruff, K., Dorfman, L., & Diaz, I. (1999). News for a change: An advocate’s guide to working with the media. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications QUESTIONS:  QUESTIONS Nora Luna, CSAP’s Western CAPT 888.734.7476 ext. 267

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