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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Gabrielle

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Personal Statement and Curriculum Vitae :  Personal Statement and Curriculum Vitae Beverly L. Vidaurreta, Ph.D. Office of Student Counseling and Development University of Florida College of Medicine Personal Statement:  Personal Statement Getting started is difficult Talk it through first Make an outline Personal Statement:  Personal Statement Purpose Remember your audience One page max 10-12 font Spaces between paragraphs Paragraph 1:  Paragraph 1 Autobiographical sketch, particularly as it contributes to your personal and professional development Why Medicine? “The Hook” Paragraph 2:  Paragraph 2 Why Medical Specialty? Include relevant skills and personal characteristics that make you well suited for this specialty Clinical anecdote ok, but no patient identifiers (HIPAA) Paragraph 3:  Paragraph 3 Extracurricular activities that are relevant to specialty decision Personal/professional accomplishments Explanation(s) of problem, deficiency What do you do to stay sane? Paragraph 4:  Paragraph 4 What are you looking for in a residency training program? How does this program meet your criteria? Couples Match or geographical considerations Long-range plans? Example:  Example As a young boy I remember the rumble of jet engines and wearing my father's flight gear every Halloween becoming a fighter pilot for a day. My earliest ambition was to follow in the footsteps of my father and become a pilot in the United States Air Force. Being a military family required us to relocate every three years; therefore, my three sisters and I grew up exposed to many different cultures across the continental United States and Europe. I have undoubtedly met many different types of people, and each encounter in its own way has shaped my personality, my character, and my goals. By instilling the principles of honesty, respect, sacrifice and education in each of us, my parents built a solid family foundation that enabled my sisters and me to pursue professional careers after completing college. My dream of flying in the military came to an end after failing the United States Air Force Academy entrance physical because of colorblindness. I entered college unsure about the future. Fortunately, I was immediately attracted to the physical and biological sciences. It was my fascination with the basic sciences, my curiosity for the physiology of the human body, and the support of my family that directed me towards a career in medicine. Paragraph 2:  Paragraph 2 The field of Anesthesiology first sparked my enthusiasm during my third year of medical school. It is a field that draws upon a broad knowledge base including physics, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, internal medicine and surgery. Furthermore, the practice of Anesthesiology requires logical problem solving skills and an understanding of the latest medical technologies applied to a variety of clinical and ethical dilemmas. Another appealing aspect lies in the enormous responsibility entrusted on the physician to maintain the safety and well being of each patient during times of extreme physical and emotional stress. I feel I am well suited for this specialty because of my ability to improvise and react quickly, to understand and operate instruments effectively, and to work well in a team setting. Paragraph 3:  Paragraph 3 In addition to medicine, I have remained active in sailing, hiking, running and guitar. One of my personal goals was fulfilled when I completed my first marathon during the first year of medical school. My wife, Tracey Thomas-Doyle, M.D., and I were married in December 1995, and together we have carefully chosen residencies that meet both our education objectives. Tracey is currently completing her internship year in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. We have a strong marriage and friendship that has not been harmed or broken by distance, and we are very excited about experiencing our future careers together. Paragraph 4:  Paragraph 4 My immediate goal is to obtain superior residency training in Anesthesiology that will eventually prepare me for a career in Anesthesiology or a subspecialty in Critical Care Medicine (CCM). Whether I go on to pursue a fellowship in CCM or not, my long term goal is to practice in a tertiary care, academic center that is compatible with both Tracey's and my career aspirations. In conclusion, I look forward to a challenging and rewarding career in Anesthesiology, and I hope that the experiences that I have in residency will continue to mold me not only into a better person, but more importantly into an extremely competent physician. Eventually I will learn how to fly. Careers in Medicine:  Careers in Medicine http://www.aamc.org/students/cim/ Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae 1-2 pages (unless Ph.D., military, etc) 10-12 font 1 inch margins Laser printed on resume quality paper Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae NAME 1600 SW Archer Road, #CG-82 Gainesville, FL 32610 (352) 392-5482 EDUCATION University of Florida College of Medicine M.D. anticipated, May 2007 Florida State University B.S., Biochemistry (cum laude), 2003 Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae HONORS AND AWARDS 2002 Title of Honor/Award (e.g., Phi Beta Kappa) 2001 Title of Honor/Award Scholarships, merit-based or need-based? Class officer positions should be listed in Extracurricular Activities Dean’s List ??? HS ??? Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae PUBLICATION Doe, J. B., & Smith, R. L. (Year). Title of publication. Journal of _____, #, page numbers. Published, In Press, or Abstracts are ok Manuscripts in progress should be listed in Research Experience Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae PRESENTATION Smith, R. L., Doe, J. B., & Jones, P. T. Title of Presentation. Title of Conference. City, State. Month, Year. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Investigation of “Title” under _______, M.D., Department of _____, UF College of Medicine, Summer 2004. Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae TEACHING EXPERIENCE 2006 Teaching Assistant, Clinical Human Anatomy, UF College of Medicine Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae ORGANIZATIONS 2003- American Medical Association- Medical Student Section President, UF Chapter (2004-2005) 2003- American Medical Student Association Volunteer, Health Fair (2004) Participant, Project Haiti (2005) Curriculum Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae FOREIGN LANGUAGE Spanish (Fluent)

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