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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: woodstockwishes

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Contents:  Contents Government Law and Courts Writing Art Religion Architecture Economics Technology Government:  Government Overview:  Overview Definition: Ruling family that passed control from generation to generation The family was believed to possess the “Mandate of Heaven.” The Chinese people believed that their gods had given them the right to rule. If the dynasty became weak, people stopped supporting them; they believed that they had lost the Mandate of Heaven. The Shang Dynasty:  The Shang Dynasty 1766-1040 bce First dynasty to have written records Developments: 30-day lunar calendar Agricultural economy Bronze artistry Chou Dynasty:  Chou Dynasty 1040-256 bce Semi-nomadic people who overthrew Shangs Developments: Feudal system Extraction of iron from rocks Structural development Age of Warring States:  Age of Warring States Between Chou and Ch’in dynasties Nobles gained more power as Chou dynasty became weaker Two parties tried to gain control: Confucius Legalists

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