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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: celestacha

Source: slideshare.net


M.C.Escher, impossible images

Maurits Cornelis M.C.Escher Netherlands (1898 – 1972 ) Impossible images

Hand with Reflecting Globe Though much of his work was based on the periodic designs of ancient Moorish mosaics, Escher broke the most fundamental of their rules the representation of living objects in art.


Dream Escher was a individual artist. He incorporated the fantasy of Monet, the logic and precision of Michaelangelo, the perspective and three dimensional vision of Wright, and the patterns of the Moors, into his own woodcuts, lithographs, and drawings. He created impossible worlds and outlandish creatures.

Moebius Strip II



Bond of union

Three Worlds


Still Life and Street

Drawing hands


The Drowned Cathedral




Concav and Convex

Trayectoria Vital II






Concentric Rinds

Spher Spirals






Moebius Strip I




Cube with ribbons


By Celestacha Music: Mike Oldfield / XFiles Theme January 2008 Mis ideas están basadas en mi asombro y admiración por las leyes contenidas en el mundo que nos rodea. Quien se maravilla de algo, toma conciencia de algo maravilloso. M. C. ESCHER

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