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Published on January 14, 2009

Author: aSGuest10531


Slide 1: Longwood Youth Sports Association CHEERLEADING Commissioner:                                        Pat McIsaac  Asst. Commissioner/Secretary:           Laurie Wunsch Quartermaster:                                    Tom Williams  Team Mom Coordinator:                  Terry Leone  Coach Coordinator:                          Megan O'Brien  Competition Team Coordinator:    Jamie Tutumjiam LYSA Cheerleading Board of Directors Phone:  924-6110 It's a sport! Stunting Tumbling Dancing Cheering Slide 2: Welcome to Longwood Youth Cheerleading…Our program began fifteen years ago. We have 200 registered cheerleaders, 13 knowledgeable volunteer coaches, and uniforms for everyone. Our program consists of 6 game teams and 2 competition teams.The sport of cheerleading includes gymnastics, stunting, cheerleading and dance. Our goal is to teach sportsmanship, leadership and stunt safety as well as to encourage and promote player/parent participation. To those returning cheerleaders, thank you for your continued dedication and support of our program. Welcome to our new families. We are all looking forward to a fun-filled, exciting season! Slide 3: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for CHEERLEADING:Q: How old do you need to be for participation?A: Between the ages of 6 and 14.Q: How long is the season?A: July – November for cheering at football games. The session for competition squads may extend past December.Q: Where are practices held?A: West Middle Island Elementary School, Sweezey Lane, Middle Island. Our competition squads practice at the middle school.Q: How often are practices?A: Generally twice a week, between 6:00 - 8:00PM.Q: Who do they cheer for?A: The LYSA football teams of the same ages as the squad.Q: When do the games start?A: In September, for 10 weeks (5 Home & 5 Away games).Q: Where are the home games played?A: All home games take place at the Longwood Jr. High School, Longwood Road, Middle Island.Q: What time are the games played?A: The times will vary based on the PAL football schedule and can be confirmed on the football website.Q: Where are the away games played?A: Anywhere in Suffolk County. Slide 4: Q: Is transportation provided?A: NO, parents or guardians are responsible for getting your children to practice & games.Q: What days are the games played?A: Generally on Sunday, but there will be an occasional Saturday or Friday night game.Q: Does my child need to tryout?A: NO, once you register you are automatically on a game team.Q: Does it matter if my child does not have any experience?A: NO, teams are divided by age, not ability. There will be both experienced and inexperienced cheerleaders on each team.Q: Can my child go to competition?A: YES, but for these teams they must try out. We take 2 teams to competition. They will be chosen for their cheering and stunting abilities, gymnastics, leadership and dedication to their game team.Q: Are there any extra expenses for competition?A: YES, competition girls must purchase new sneakers, hair bows and hairpieces. There may be possible registration fees and travel expenses.Q: Do we get to keep the uniform?A: NO, we provide the uniforms but they must be returned at the end of the season.Q: What do I have to purchase?A: White socks, sneakers and a turtleneck. Green briefs (a “lollipop”) for under the girls’ skirts. When it gets colder, they will need black leggings and a sweatshirt or jacket, but it must be LYSA colors (white, green or gold).Q: If I have 2 children in the program, will they be on the same team?A: If they are within a 2 year age span, we will keep them on the same team, as long as it is requested at registration. Slide 5: Our football squad cheerleaders perform a dance-cheer routine at most half times and cheer throughout the games. Slide 6:  Our goal is to compete on the national level in 2007, and to someday have our own practice gym. Our Varsity and JV competition squads participate in local and regional events. During the 2006 session, our squads placed in every competition they participated in. There were several first place ribbons and an award for Best Choreography. Because of their success, the girls participated in a regional competition, placed 2nd and received a bid to participate in a national event in Orlando, Florida. Because the bid was an unexpected success, we did not have enough time or funds to participate. Join Longwood Youth Sports Association Cheerleading Slide 7: Competition Junior Varsity Squad Winners of 6 medals for 2006 season Go Lions! Varsity Competition Squad : Varsity Competition Squad Longwood Slide 9: National Competitions are held throughout the United States. Our dream is to attend the UCA competition held in Orlando Florida at Disney, and to some day have our very own gym to practice in. Please help our dreams come true and support LYSA Cheerleading Speak with a LYSA representative to become a sponsor or call us at 924-6110 Slide 10: LYSA Cheerleading Board of Directors Phone:  924-6110Commissioner:                                        Pat McIsaac  Asst. Commissioner/Secretary:           Laurie Wunsch Quartermaster:                                    Tom Williams  Team Mom Coordinator:                  Terry Leone  Coach Coordinator:                          Megan O'Brien  Competition Team Coordinator:    Jamie Tutumjiam PowerPoint presentation byTamtopcat Enterprises copyright © 2006

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